Over 40 Premier Camps. Perfect for Your Family.

Our mission is to provide the best day camp experience for each member of every family.

LINX Camps provides fun-filled, enriching and innovative summer programs that are rich with traditions and choices. Our expert staff recognizes each campers' strengths to support the growth of our younger campers while building character in our older ones. The flexible sessions and extensive services provided make for an all-encompassing experience that creates an inclusive community in which everyone thrives.

Collage of campers at camp

Traditional Camp Values

At LINX Camps, we place the highest emphasis on providing a traditional camp experience. Each week is packed with rituals, traditions, sing-alongs, spirit competitions, Friday Special Events, and a vocabulary unique to our campers. If you’re looking for that 'kumbaya spirit,' we’ve got it!

Modernization of Camp

Campers enjoy selecting a variety of General, Specialty, and Sports camps, led by industry experts, to build their ideal summer camp experience. LINX Camps has created an environment in which campers thrive in a structured setting, complete with a consistent swim program, daily routines, schedules, and small groups.

From Ninja Warrior, Cupcake Battles, and Theater to Science, Fashion, Spy, and more, LINX Camps has what your children are interested in exploring.

Staff Who Unite

Selected from thousands of candidates (locally, nationally, and internationally), LINX Camps counselors lead by example and create an emotionally safe environment in which everyone we serve feels comfortable and confident with themselves, their leaders, and their peers. Our staff ignites and fuels each camper’s passion by implementing our fun-based learning philosophy.