Meet the LINX Camps Team

Joe Kahn
Owner and Founder
Meesh Farrell
Executive Director of Camps & Customer Service
Robert Murphy
Dana Hall Site Director
Jennifer Downin
Offsite Campus & Operations Director
Pattie Finocchiaro
Director of Customer Service and Nursing Director
Monique Marshall Veale
Director of Camper Care
Todd Morse
Creative Director and Camp Photographer and Videographer
Kaely Schuh
Assistant Dance Director of Competitive Programs & Dance Administration; Head of Customer Service for LINX Camps
Nick Raponi
Assistant Campus Director
Jeff Downin
Camp Operations
AnneMarie Alvarez
Theater Director
Chris Cornbread Coimbra
Teacher, Assistant Team Leader & Energy Captain
Brianna Kahn
Team Leader -- Sports
Megan Mountzoures
Team Leader
Dannea Reali
Assistant Dance Director of Recreational Programs for LINX Dance Studio; Team Leader for LINX Camps
Daniel Merriam
LINX Operations Specialist
Katherine Trudell
Assistant Team Leader - S.T.E.A.M. Camps
Lauren Fay
Assistant Team Leader
Quincy Rawson
Assistant Team Leader - Juniors
Samantha Kirk
Sports, Science and Theater Instructor & Assistant Team Leader Broadway Theater
Shayla Murphy
Assistant Team Leader - Juniors
Talia Shapiro
Assistant Team Leader
Margaret Woodworth
Assistant Team Leader -- Leadership Camp
Kirsty Marie Mills
Customer Service Representative
Chloe Norris
Head Customer Service Specialist, Supervisor for Enrichment Teachers and Head of Customer Billing
Gina Seibold
Customer Service Specialist and Communications and Marketing Assistant
Amy Fuller Boyd
Director of Marketing and Development
Lisa Gatto
Executive Director of Classes
David Gerth
Director of Finance
Jake Haas
Chief Technology Officer
Shari Prussin
Director of Human Resources
Anna Pearson
Marketing and Communications Associate
Rhys Thomas
Web Designer