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We chose LINX this summer because Zachary is very into music and theater, and we thought performing in a show would be a great experience for him. We were disappointed when COVID-19 made that impossible, but are very impressed with the alternate program you were able to put together. I know this is not an easy year for you and we are so grateful that you were able to open in a safe manner—and without losing any of the fun. We will definitely be back next summer.
My son passed the deep end swim test and it was one of the highlights of his life. LINX has given him so much more confidence and joy—we are so thankful.
She doesn’t want a summer without LINX Theater camp! She’s loving it and the counselors! She was singing the songs this evening. She’s very excited about the play. On a separate note, tonight she also said that you make acting and learning so fun and there is no better teacher anywhere in the world, or in the universe. Can’t get a higher compliment than that Todd! Happy summer!
Thanks for sharing info on your counselor training. After a few years of sending my kids to LINX, I can tell you with 100% confidence, your counselors are the best out there, and they truly 'get it.' You all are certainly doing it right. Thanks so much for really caring about the kids' summer experience. G. Towvim, Needham
[The LINX swim instructor was] the first instructor [my son] has made ANY real progress with in swimming. He has always been nervous around water. We have had him in swimming lessons for years, [...but] this is the first time he's actually enjoyed swimming and has shown any progress or any real desire to gain skills. I don't know what you did, but we really appreciate it!
I was already blown away last year about the many little details you thought about in the camp set-up and execution. But you topped it this year in every aspect: camp communication (from the notes I get from the nurse to the new lost & found page) to the things you do in camp (Sonic Boom, the golden slice of pizza) to the logistics (I have never seen a more efficient pick-up process). [W]hat you have buil[t] over the last 7 years is astounding. And being a business owner myself, knowing how much hard work, perseverance, patience, risk taking and passion go into an endeavor like this, I tip my hat.
LINX is [my son's] first summer camp experience and he is having a GREAT time! He talks non-stop about his day as soon as he gets in the car - it's nice not having to prod information out of him! He is thrilled to go back this coming week and participate in games, arts & crafts, swim time, and of course, see who gets the shaving cream squasher on Friday! Thanks again for making him feel so comfortable and making his first time at summer camp such a fun-filled experience!
[My son] is so happy when I pick him up each day! What more can parents ask for? Thanks to you and the other LINX coaches for all that you do to make camp so fun.
You're the only camp that provides such nice and consistent communication to the parents so thank you! [My daughter] is having such a great time and all of you have been so wonderful! She's looking forward to spending the rest of her summer there.
We want to thank you for giving our daughter a tremendous experience this past week. [She] specifically asked to go back to Movie Making and she said [her counselor] was sooo nice. There are a lot of camps and programs out there, and it's hard to find a place that you feel comfortable leaving your kids, but we want you to know we have found that in LINX. [T]hank you for making [our daughter] feel a part of the group!
We are wrapping up the first week of camp and if [my son] has anything to say about it, we are now lifers! What a great organization and we feel truly blessed to have it so close to home.
Also, wanted to convey our deep appreciation to all the counselors and staff at LINX who are doing a phenomenal job this year [to] put so much effort into making each and every day at camp a rewarding, fun, and safe experience for campers. [My daughter] looked forward to going to LINX each and every day. We will be back next summer!
You guys maintain a very high level of service in every way, and it is a godsend to parents! But overall, I was blown away by how well [my kids] did and I know they are having a great time. I agree that the counselors have been fantastic. Thank you all for a wonderful first camp experience!
I give your camp a 10 out of 10! J.R., Needham
I am so impressed with your camp! Organization is amazing, and the happy faces of counselors and my son tell me it's a terrific experience. Thanks so much! C.R., Medfield
We've had a terrific experience this year with the camp. [My daughter] is really enjoying it. I really like the level of care the kids get, as well as the consistent communication with the parents. When the kids are able to learn and grow, on top of just having some good old summer fun each day, you know it's a well-run organization. And to feel safe and secure in your staff's abilities is very comforting as a parent. Keep up the great work! E.O., Holliston
What a great program! My son is really enjoying it. The weather is a bummer, but he seems to enjoy the indoor activities as much as the outdoor. The staff is AMAZING and extremely professional and friendly. K.D., Dover
Thank you all so much – you do a really wonderful job! Can’t wait for camp next week! I.M., Wellesley
Thanks so much for an incredible week - this is by far the best camp we have ever done and we have done a lot of them!! We will be sure to look into another week this summer as well as maybe a science class in the fall. I can't thank you all enough!! S.C., Wellesley
I am thrilled with the organization and level of customer service of your staff and programs. It's definitely comforting to know that whether or not I drop off indoors or outdoors, my son will be having a great day. Thank you for all you do! C.R., Medfield
My girls are having a ball! I want to go to LINX camp!!!! I love that the girls are experiencing things that they wouldn't normally be doing like canoeing. They are enjoying such a variety of activities at LINX. A.C., Wellesley
Thank you so much for taking the time to send the awesome pictures!! What you helped [my son] accomplish today is remarkable - I am truly grateful! M.S., Canton
Today was my kid's first day at camp and I was SO impressed with how organized everything was. Everyone knew everything about my son even before introducing ourselves! I'm very excited and I know my son is going to have a fabulous time. L.S., Dover
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