LINX Camps Reviews

My son did Jr. Sports, Theater, Science and Discoverers camps. He loved every minute and came home happy with joyful stories. He sang, danced and retold parts of his day in great detail. He “belonged” and made such nice friends. His counselors were so nice to him — he practically jumped out of the car in the morning. Thank you for a beautiful summer, LINX Camps. This is what a child’s summer at camp should be — we are grateful." Jr. Discoverers
This is my first experience with LINX Camps. It is such an incredible program and worth every penny." Jr. Discoverers
The communication portal (Family Dashboard) really sets the experience apart from other camps, when you're trying to navigate each week of the summer as a parent. And the pure joy that all the counselors and staff have for their jobs is amazing!" Jr. Discoverers
Kudos to you all!!! I thought drop off was a well oiled machine!! Everyone was working efficiently and kindly. I have never had a more positive experience. I didn't even notice the traffic because I was pointing out to my kids the amazing staff. Great job!!! It makes me feel like I'm leaving my kids in great hands. Thank you!!!!" Liberty
You guys are doing a FANTASTIC job. This is my daughter's first camp experience and we have been thrilled. My daughter wakes up happy and comes home happy (which makes me happy). l love the pictures and the counselors. Thank you!" Liberty
Thank you for having such a wonderful and amazing group of counselors. My child has been surrounded by so much positivity, joy, love, and support! This has been a fantastic three weeks." Liberty
This is our first camp experience and our children have been coming home each day bubbling over with excitement. They seem to be having a great time." Liberty
My daughter said to me at pick-up: 'The only way I'll ever be happy again is if I can go to LINX Camps for another week!'" Liberty
My son loved all the traditions — especially GSOP and JABAMALA. He did 3 different camps and loved them all, but Freedom camp was his absolute favorite. He could not stop talking about the different activities and traditions that week. It seems Freedom Camp, in particular, really made him feel like he was a part of something special and exciting." Freedom
This was my son's first year at a FULL day camp. I work in the teaching field so I'm home all summer. I've always felt guilty sending him to camp since I was at home. Friends have attended LINX Camps and have raved about it so we thought it was time that we try it too. WOW! So much fun! My son was excited to get ready each morning to see what was in store. The counselors were amazing, attentive, and in tune with his needs. We are so thankful for the LINX Camps staff!" Freedom
My son loved camp. He is very shy and usually takes days, or even weeks, to come out of his shell, but he came home so very happy and ready for the next day FROM DAY 1." Freedom
My son is a quiet kid and, while he was open to the idea of LINX Camps, he was definitely apprehensive on day one when I dropped him off. He was part of Freedom Camp and absolutely loved it. His counselor was fantastic, and seemed to really get him and his personality from the first day. It was wonderful to see him light up and share all about his day on the drive home. And the best part on our end — he was screen free after so many months of constant computer for school and social functioning! Again, thank you and we hope to see you again next summer." Freedom
Our two kids had a blast at camp. During a time when things have been uncertain and unsettling for our family, a week at camp brought them joy and connection that they haven't had for a long time. We felt incredibly comfortable having them there thanks to all of the welcoming, professional, friendly, and very fun staff members surrounding them. Thank you for enabling both of them to just be kids in a safe and wonderful environment." Freedom
My rising 4th grader attended Freedom Camp for the weeks of July 13 and 20 and he was so happy. After the long spring of distance learning and isolation, he was thrilled to be at camp every day — even with the COVID-19-related restrictions and not attending with friends. I just wanted to let you know that we were really grateful LINX Camps was open. The councilors were amazing — they did a great job and made him feel special each day. Thank you for everything, and looking forward to next summer!" Freedom
My son absolutely loved LINX Camps. His counselor was fantastic and seemed to really get him and his personality from the first day. He also made friends. He is still in touch with a few of them and has even gone to the mall and movies with one of them." Freedom
My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE LINX Camps. My son, in particular, lives, breathes, and sleeps LINX Camps all summer. We go through Scrapbook almost every day with the kids and they relive their days. I feel like I know the counselors personally. I can't say enough good things about LINX Camps. It has been life changing for my kids." Freedom
LINX Camps offers wonderful activities that appeal to children from all different backgrounds, even campers who don't speak English fluently. Freedom Camp seems to be a constant favorite." Freedom
My boys have gone to LINX Camps for six straight summers, and we'll be back again next year!" Freedom
The Family Fun Picnic was great and very nice for the whole family." Freedom
Just a huge thank you for an amazing first day! My daughter was bouncing with joy and enthusiasm from her day in Freedom Camp of gaga, dodgeball, and the dunk tank. Thanks so much for all that you are doing to make her, and all of the other campers, so happy!" Freedom
My son absolutely loved his Freedom and Double Dare camps counselors!!!" Freedom
My kids were in Freedom Camp last week. They had a WONDERFUL time and I would like to especially thank their three counselors for being so kind and so much fun. LINX Camps is a very special place!" Freedom
We are wrapping up the first week of LINX Camps and if my son has anything to say about it, we are now lifers! What a great organization and we feel truly blessed to have it so close to home." Freedom
We've had a terrific experience this year with LINX Camps. My daughter is really enjoying it. I really like the level of care the kids get, as well as the consistent communication with the parents. When the kids are able to learn and grow, on top of just having some good old summer fun each day, you know it's a well-run organization. And to feel safe and secure in your staff's abilities is very comforting as a parent. Keep up the great work!" Freedom
I give your Freedom Camp a 10 out of 10!" Freedom
You guys maintain a very high level of service in every way, and it is a godsend to parents! But overall, I was blown away by how well my kids did and I know they are having a great time. I agree that the counselors have been fantastic. Thank you all for a wonderful first camp experience!" Freedom
My camper loved all of his experience. He cried when camp was over for the season. He feels like LINX Camps is his happy place and a home for him." Freedom
I want to convey our deep appreciation to all the counselors and staff at LINX Camps who are doing a phenomenal job this year to put so much effort into making each and every day at camp a rewarding, fun, and safe experience for campers. My daughter looked forward to going to LINX Camps each and every day. We will be back next summer!" Freedom
My daughter LOVED her Freedom Camp counselor and would have been happy to do six weeks of Freedom Camp just to be with her." Freedom
My daughter is LOVING Freedom Camp! And she's excited and enthusiastic to tell us what she did. Loves the rock climbing. Loves archery. Very happy with the options she can choose and those she doesn't choose." Freedom
Thank you so much for checking in! Your follow-up is amazing and honestly exceeds expectations." Jr. Explorers
My son loved his counselors and LOVED camp and everything that went along with it." Jr. Explorers
This was our first year at LINX Camps and my daughter loved it. She was really happy with the size of her groups (she did two different weeks) and she loved the way the activities were lined up each week." Jr. Explorers
I am thrilled with the organization and level of customer service of your staff and programs. It's definitely comforting to know that whether or not I drop off indoors or outdoors, my son will be having a great day. Thank you for all you do!" Jr. Explorers
Thank you for a great summer! It was our first experience with LINX Camps and we were very impressed. Our son loved the camp he attended and we felt great about sending him to you. Jr. Explorers
We have sent our children to LINX Camps since they were 5 years old. What I appreciate the most is the camp's emphasis on emotional growth and well being." Jr. Explorers
Your incredible staff makes my two sons feel safe and loved. They run out of the car every morning and are greeted by so many cheers, high fives, and people yelling their names. Thank you so much for all you do for these kids, and for giving my kids a wonderful couple of weeks. It is so appreciated." Jr. Explorers
I work in public education, and I only wish we could have it together in terms of your outreach and transparency with families. We are so comforted as a first time camp family to be with you!" Jr. Fun Bunch
YOU GUYS — ALL OF YOU — ARE AMAZING. Everyone is so incredibly NICE, positive, and energetic. Your customer service is exemplary." Jr. Fun Bunch
Thank you for all you do, especially your excellent judgment in terms of safety." Jr. Fun Bunch
I really feel like I need to let you all know that this has be huge for my daughter. Her preschool experience was pretty rough and we weren't sure if it was just her not wanting to do things outside the house or with other people — drop-offs were alway hard and pick-ups were miserable/cranky. But the LINX Camps counselors are so welcoming and she is smiling like never before, with a new confidence, after only a week. She comes home happy and telling stories. It is truly unreal. Thank you!!" Jr. Fun Bunch
We're grateful for how kind the counselors are when my camper has an extremely hard time at drop-off." Jr. Fun Bunch
LINX Camps is my son's first summer camp experience and he is having a great time! He talks non-stop about his day as soon as he gets in the car." Jr. Fun Bunch
Today was my kid's first day at LINX Camps and I was SO impressed with how organized everything was. Everyone knew everything about my son even before introducing ourselves! I'm very excited and I know my son is going to have a fabulous time." Jr. Fun Bunch
The counselors are wonderful and my son is having so much fun in Jr. Fun Bunch Camp. We hadn't chosen LINX Camps for prior summers because I had worried that with so many different types of camps, it would lack some of the camp spirit elements and the community feel, but I see now that that's definitely not the case! My son gets very excited every time he sees a carabiner (he calls each one a "missing link") and tells us all about the camp cheers and traditions ... We will definitely be back next summer." Jr. Fun Bunch
My daughter is having a blast at Spy Camp. She's loving the games and the counselors." Spy
This is my camper's best summer ever! We have been at LINX Camps for 7 years - it just feels like home!" Spy
Thank you for making the days so exciting and creating an inclusive environment!" Spy
LINX Camps is the highlight of our year. Every year, the counselors go above and beyond to make my kids feel special and excited! Words don't do justice to the impact they have, not only on summertime fun, but on their confidence and self-esteem. We are all mourning the end of the camp this year because it has been especially positive for both my kids — we wish we could go to LINX Camps every day! Can't wait for next year — and we hope all the fun counselors and friends are back!" Spy
How do you find people with such energy? I am totally impressed by the operations, COVID-19 safety with a large group ... of kids! My son said the month at LINX Camps was his favorite of all his summer activities. Thank you for all you do and your wonderful communication." Spy
The enthusiasm and energy of your counselors is top notch. We love the camp spirit and all the fun your team seems to have all summer. My girls have loved LINX Camps for the variety of choices and the awesome counselors. We are very satisfied customers!" Spy
LINX Camps was absolutely, hands down, amazing." Spy
My son loved GSOP and the Friday Special Events." Spy
You guys are amazing! I have never seen a better run organization. You have something for everyone and are so organized. You are amazing." Spy
Both of my kids attended Spy Camp two weeks ago and they continue to talk about how well everyone in their group got along and how much they liked their counselor. The counselor made comments that just "filled my kids up" and made them feel great. Thank you for all of the emphasis you put on how positive participation and how the children treat each other. This is the icing on the cake to what sound like really interesting and stimulating activities that you all put together." Spy
This is the second time my son has done All Star Sports Camp. Even as an older kid he really enjoys it! It's hard to find camps that he wants to go to as an entering 7th-grader, so we appreciate that you make it comfortable for them too." All Star Sports
My son said that the All-Star Sports Camp is best camp ever and I am grateful that camp is proving to be such a memorable summer experience for him. He loves his coaches. While I wouldn’t want to encourage coaches to do anything that may take their attention away from the campers, I wouldn’t mind a few more pics in the scrapbook :)" All Star Sports
My daughter lost her voice cheering for GSOP. : ) She was so proud to win it." All Star Sports
LINX Camps easily surpassed our expectations for kids activities and selection, parent logistics (drop-off, pick-up, etc), communication, and focused attention when needed. We look forward to sending our boys next year and will be adding our daughter to the LINX Camps roster!" All Star Sports
It was wonderful to see my son light up and share all about his day on the drive home. And the best part on our end — he was screen free after so many months of constant computer for school and social functioning! He had a really wonderful time and at one point said he'd like to be a LINX Camps counselor one day." All Star Sports
Absolutely wonderful, unbelievable care given to my son yesterday. He had a very tough drop off and his counselors totally turned him around, so much so that he wants to come to LINX Camps for the rest of the summer." All Star Sports
We were so impressed with drop-off and pick-up and Scrapbook. Our daughter didn't tell us much about her day (she never does really), but she came home happy, exhausted, and a much better swimmer, which made it worth every penny." All Star Sports
I can't believe how happy and welcoming all the counselors were ALL the time. Your training is absolute amazing. The counselors make the kids feel so welcome." All Star Sports
Our family loves LINX Camps and my son can't wait to return to camp each summer!! He is so excited each day he attends and can't wait to tell me at the end of a day. Thank you for lots of fun memories this summer!!! Your passion and energy is the best. We always recommend your program to friends — we had friends move to Wellesley this year and they signed up for LINX Camps and loved it!" All Star Sports
What truly makes LINX Camps wonderful for my sons are the counselors. From drop-off to pick-up, the counselors' enthusiasm, energy, and positivity is what makes the camp for my kids. My boys come home with great stories of what this counselor did, or that counselor said, and it's all good. We've been to other camps and my kids have mentioned how the counselors swear or are disengaged, but never from LINX Camps. I truly appreciate the effort that has been put in to educate the counselors and, in turn, establish the wonderful atmosphere at LINX Camps." All Star Sports
My son had an amazing first camp experience at LINX Camps this summer, he really loved his counselors and all of the activities he did in All Star Sports Camp." All Star Sports
My son is so happy when I pick him up each day! What more can parents ask for? Thanks to you and the other All Star Sports Camp coaches for all that you do to make camp so fun." All Star Sports
We will never not have a summer at LINX Camps. All 3 of my kids cannot WAIT to see their counselors, friends, and spend the day in their camp of choice. This summer, we were fortunate enough to try some new camps — Ninja Warrior, Soccer, and Aspiring Artists. What makes LINX Camps so special is that my kids can have a variety in their weeks at camp, which has made all the difference in keeping them engaged and excited to come back every year." Ninja Warrior
As a parent, I LOVED seeing the enthusiasm of the counselors at drop off and pick up! It made me want to stay at camp too. I was also very impressed with the camp traditions my son would come home talking about. My son says that his counselor from Ninja Warrior Camp should DEFINITELY come back next summer!" Ninja Warrior
Our children rave about their counselors who really make their day and summer!!! They enjoy their Adventures Camps — especially Amazing Challenge and Ninja Warrior. They are even returning with sore muscle from all of their efforts." Ninja Warrior
I loved getting Scrapbook updates with pictures showing what my kids were up to. It made me feel good about the experience they were having. They came home happy and tired!" Ninja Warrior
THANK YOU for giving my son the best week ever! I work in education, so I am home all summer. As my son has gotten older, being with friends (as opposed to home with his mom) has become more important. This is why we enrolled him in camp for the first time this summer. It was the best decision we could have made! He hung out with friends, made new friends, and adored his counselors!!" Ninja Warrior
My husband and I were thrilled with LINX Camps. Our girls were so happy and got to try new activities, while improving the skills they already have. We loved the spirit every day. Our girls were fearless!" Ninja Warrior
I want you to know that I really appreciate how well-designed your camp is — it is so well-engineered. I was a camp director and have never seen anything like this before!" Ninja Warrior
My kids are so excited to tackle the obstacle courses and challenges in your Ninja Warrior Camp this summer!" Ninja Warrior
It was very sweet to see strong traditions (that are usually built at overnight camps) at LINX Camps!" Ninja Warrior
I just wanted to let you know that we were really grateful to have camp open, and the counselors were amazing. They did a great job and made my son feel special each day. Thank you for everything, and looking forward to next summer!" Ninja Warrior
We have been signing up for a hodge-podge of camps through the years. Our experience at LINX Camps this summer has us ready to commit all of our time there! There is just so much for our daughter to do. She comes home happy and tired, and you guys just seem to get what parents need from camp as well. Thanks!!" Ninja Warrior
My girls are having a ball! I want to go to LINX Camps!!!! They are enjoying such a variety of activities. I love that the girls are experiencing things that they wouldn't normally be doing." Ninja Warrior
My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her Ninja Warrior Camp experience this year! She had fun every day and came home talking about the events of the day. Every year she has participated in LINX Camps she has LOVED it! Thanks for providing such a stellar experience!" Ninja Warrior
Our family had another incredible summer with LINX Camps. I feel well assured that my kids are well cared for and will have a great day. I love that you provide such a wide variety of different camps as my boys all have very different interests, but LINX Camps has always provided something for each one of them. They particularly like all the messy play activities — especially shaving cream-based activities during Double Dare Squasher Camp! Double Dare Squasher
My daughter loved all of the messy, silly, bouncy activity during Double Dare Squasher Camp!" Double Dare Squasher
My camper loved any of the team building and competitive events. He also loves Eagle Games." Double Dare Squasher
I really want to thank you for operating LINX Camps so safely. Also, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the hard work and incredible attitudes of all the staff at LINX Camps. My daughter's counselors were outstanding. She has been a bit down with all of the craziness going on due to the pandemic and this week I feel like I have my kid back." Double Dare Squasher
We started with trying out different camp programs across Massachusetts few years ago. Since then we increased our participation from two weeks to ten weeks because there are no other camps provides the variety, enrichment, and ease like LINX Camps. My daughter loves picking what she would like to do every week rather than be forced into a standard program in other summer camp." Double Dare Squasher
My daughter was super excited when her table won GSOP." Double Dare Squasher
My son absolutely loved his Freedom and Double Dare camp counselors!!!" Double Dare Squasher
We are lucky that you all continue to be innovative — my children are both having a wonderful and much needed summer camp experience. We are so grateful!" Double Dare Squasher
I am constantly amazed at how much fun the counselors seem to have — their energy and enthusiasm for LINX Camps is really what makes this camp so special." Double Dare Squasher
After a few years of sending my kids to LINX Camps, I can tell you with 100% confidence, your counselors are the best out there, and they truly 'get it.' You all are certainly doing it right. Thanks so much for really caring about the kids' summer experience." Double Dare Squasher
Our family was so impressed with the overall experience of the Broadway Theater Camp — we didn't realize that kids that age could put on a musical, and our son learned so much. This was just perfect for him as a way to try theater, as we suspected he would like it, but we didn't want to commit to a whole fall or spring of rehearsals. Our family just spent a road trip happily singing through the <i>Camp Rock</i> albums on repeat. We are eager to find out what next year's musical will be. We love LINX Camps, and so did the two families who took our advice to come with us this year. From my perspective, the online chat was invaluable as a way to communicate. Thank you! We look forward to returning!" Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
My daughter loved Broadway Theater Camp and Project Fashion Camp. She was very engaged in both camps. For Broadway Theater in particular, she worked hard at home to memorize her lines and songs. She was very proud at the end!" Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
Our son loved every part of every day! He was so excited for camp each morning and adored his counselors. He became fast friends with the other campers and was driven to learn his lines and songs. I think we may have finally found a good fit for him in your Broadway program — seems like these are his people and we're thrilled about it." Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
My daughter loves the camaraderie shared among all her Broadway Theater campers. She loves learning all the songs and dances and performing. She says it feels like a family and they're all looking out for each other." Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
I thank you all for doing such a great job adjusting to these difficult circumstances. Having LINX Camps this summer has been so fantastic for our family!" Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
The counselors in the Broadway Theater Camp were amazing. My daughter loved every second of the rehearsal and performance process." Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
My son wants to go all summer next year so he is already signed up!" Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
LINX Camps is amazing because of the overall organization and high level of customer care." Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
My daughter had the best time ever at Broadway Theater Camp. She appreciated learning alongside talented peers and from counselors who love what they do." Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
We enjoyed seeing pictures of our daughter in her Broadway Theater Camp costume in Scrapbook!" Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
The counselors in the Freedom and Broadway Theater camps were terrific! Both my girls had a great time with the variety of activities and enjoyed making new friends." Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
Thank you all so much — you do a really wonderful job! Can't wait for Broadway Theater Camp next week!" Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
We chose LINX Camps this summer because my son is very into music and theater, and we thought performing in a show would be a great experience for him. We were disappointed when COVID-19 made that impossible, but are very impressed with the alternate program you were able to put together. I know this is not an easy year for you and we are so grateful that you were able to open in a safe manner, and without losing any of the fun. We will definitely be back next summer. Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
My daughter had 'the best time ever' at Broadway Theater Camp. She appreciated learning alongside talented peers and from counselors who love what they do." Broadway Theater (3 weeks)
We loved the additional touches, such as making a personalized apron and “professionally” boxed-up cupcakes. Her favorite part of the day was the baking portion and learning new techniques with icing. She enjoyed making new friends, the Spirit Stick, and learning fun dances during down time. The week was a huge success met by smiles at pick-up!" Cupcake Battles
My kids came home happy every day! The energy and smiles at LINX Camps is just infectious :) We love the counselors!" Cupcake Battles
LINX Camps is the only camp that my son has wanted to go to multiple years in a row!" Cupcake Battles
We go through Scrapbook almost every day with the kids and they relive their days. I feel like I know the counselors personally! I can't say enough good things about LINX Camps. It has been life changing for my kids." Cupcake Battles
Communication both via email and within the family dashboard online tool is extremely helpful & clear." Basketball
My daughter absolutely loved the instruction, particularly in basketball. Her placement allowed her to get better playing hoops — she felt really special, and learned a lot!" Basketball
My boys would be lifers if they could!" Basketball
My kids LOVED LINX Camps, and I was impressed with the drop-off and pick-up process, variety and quality of activities, and attentiveness of staff when I reached out." Basketball
My son now loves basketball and wants to play at home — which he did not before!" Basketball
My boys loved Basketball Camp, and showed improvements we could see at the end of the week." Basketball
My son absolutely loved the instruction, particularly in Basketball Camp. He felt really special and learned a lot!" Basketball
I can't say enough good things about the counselors. They were so energetic from drop-off on, and it was clear they were really good with the campers! " Flag Football
From the counselors, to the nurses, to the activities, our experience was absolutely exceptional. The processes in place made it safe for everyone! We are so thankful for a wonderful summer camp experience." Flag Football
My son is in his 3rd and final week of the summer with LINX Camps — he loved his first summer with you last year (2020) and has had even more fun with you this year (in Soccer, Flag Football, and Freedom). He even recruited two friends to join him, so that made this year even more awesome. You provide a magical experience. THANK YOU LINX CAMPS!" Flag Football
My son had the best camp day ever yesterday ... in the rain. The rain did not phase him one bit. At pick-up, he told me minute-by-minute about his day and loved everything, including lunch! He's having the greatest week of his life." Flag Football
Scrapbook was a great way to prompt camp stories from my camper. For example, if we saw a picture posted during the day that his group won GSOP, we asked him about it and he was happy to share the details." Flag Football
I just wanted to thank you for sending the link with pictures that include my son. So great that I don't have the search for him among 100s of pictures, and that you offer a free download. Thank you!" Flag Football
You have so many fun themes and creative ways to get the kids invested in team-based competition. My boys will be back again next summer. They would come every week if they could!" Soccer
My campers had an awesome week in soccer camp. He came home excited (and tired!) every day. This is our 2nd year at LINX Camps and we're grateful and impressed yet again!" Soccer
My oldest cannot wait to be a CIT and eventually a counselor!" Soccer
I just want to say that your team is doing such a great job! My daughter is happy and she feels safe. We feel so comfortable sending her to camp. My sister, in New Jersey, sends her kids to a camp where there are many COVID-19 cases and exposures. In comparison, you are so careful and consistent with your COVID-19 protocols. This is the reason we chose LINX Camps!" Soccer
As everything since March was cancelled, I was bracing myself for the news that LINX Camps would not be able to happen this year. Thank you so much for opening camp this summer and for making it such an amazing experience! My son made some great new friends. Most importantly, he had fun. Thank you for all the hard work to provide a safe environment with social distancing measures, mask wearing, and health screening. The text reminder to fill out the daily attestation was a life saver. My son looks forward to coming back to LINX Camps next summer!" Soccer
My children are having an absolute blast and I only wish I had found LINX Camps sooner!" Soccer
My son was so excited about everything that happened at Soccer Camp yesterday!" Soccer
My kids have attended several camps, but your staff makes all the difference in the world!" Soccer
The CIT program was amazing. My child felt training week was very successful, and she was well-supported by the CIT leadership, counselors, and her fellow CITs. Thank you for another amazing summer and this special leadership opportunity." Counselor in Training
My son is really enjoying his CIT experience so far! He has been excited every day to attend camp." Counselor in Training
The CIT program was such a great experience for my son! It seemed that the whole group had such a good time together — they even got together outside of camp to attend a local carnival!" Counselor in Training
Just a thank you for a decade of camp! I just dropped my son off at his last camp bus, this morning, as he's now aged out. He's loved going to LINX Camps as a camper and then as a CIT. It has always been an amazing experience and a happy place for him. As a parent, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you so much!" Counselor in Training
My daughter enjoyed LINX Camps so much that she would like to be a CIT for the entire summer next year." Counselor in Training
I love how organized LINX Camps was and how all the counselors and staff were. I also VERY impressed with the follow-up and follow through on any questions and concerns I had." Counselor in Training
My daughter said this was her favorite LINX Camps summer ever. Her only complaint is that she can't be a CIT for another year ;-)" Counselor in Training
Our camper has been attending LINX Camps since 2nd grade. He will be a CIT next summer and is looking forward to it." Counselor in Training
I loved your CIT program because I was still able to have a camp experience (making so many friends my age!), while learning, preparing, and getting helpful tips for my future as a full-time counselor." Counselor in Training
My camper felt supported, prepared, and appreciated in your CIT program. Thank you! It was an excellent experience." Counselor in Training
I thought I would take a minute to let you know how much my daughter is enjoying being a CIT at LINX Camps. She is having a great time and I couldn't be happier. Thanks to all!" Counselor in Training
I heard a lot of chatter about the activities and wonderful counselors from my kids. LINX Camps was exactly what they needed after a year + of COVID-19 restrictions. Connecting and having outdoor fun with their peers allowed them to be kids again. And the safety protocols, communications, and process efficiency were impeccable from a parent's perspective." Tennis
My son loved the counselors, learned some serious tennis skills, loved all of the activities, and made some great friends. An overall A+ experience." Tennis
My camper told me that the only way they will ever be happy again is if they can go to LINX Camps for another week!" Tennis
This has been the BEST SUMMER EVER! My daughter said that the counselors have been unbelievable." Tennis
My son definitely wants to return to LINX Camps next year and is having a hard time deciding on his favorite programs. We will consider sending him for four weeks vs just the three that he attended this year. I really like how the Sports camps have more sports specialty periods the older the camper gets. I think this makes LINX Camps very unique." Tennis
I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to the counselors — my son had a BLAST! Already asking when we can sign up for next year!" Tennis
GSOP and JABAMALA are now regular parts of our family discussions and summer routine even when our kids aren't at LINX Camps." Tennis
The summer was, once again, exceptional. The counselors were phenomenal and we'll be back next year." Tennis
My son loved the counselors, learned some serious skills, loved all of the activities, and made some great friends in Tennis Camp. We were especially pleased with the water safety instruction!! An overall A+ experience." Tennis
My daughter loved all parts of the camp, especially blocking scenes for her performance and getting the set designs made! She made new friendships and solidified friendships she had coming into camp!!" Theater
Our campers loved all of it! They came home energized and excited to go back the next day. And I have to give extremely high praise to the theater counselors — they're such a special group of people and our kids always bond so closely with them. They've had a tremendously positive impact on our kids over the years." Theater
Every day it was something different — winning GSOP or Spirit Stick, interacting with other groups, performing, special events — the list goes on and on!" Theater
I was so impressed with LINX Camps. As a former camper and counselor for decades, I'm honestly not easily impressed. Your counselors were dedicated, happy, and had an infectious energy. Your drop-off and pick-up was seamless and actually enjoyable (!) — your traffic director made my day! And I was super impressed with your COVID-19 protocols and how you stuck to them. Thank you! We will be back!!" Theater
When we pulled up for drop-off, I felt like we were at Disneyland. Everyone was happy, dancing, and inviting. I drove away smiling." Theater
I can't say enough good things about the counselors. They were so energetic from drop-off on, and it was clear they were really good with the campers!" Theater
My daughter is loving Theatre Camp, as well as being part of the whole camp activities." Theater
This summer is our first experience with LINX Camps, and it's been fantastic. My son absolutely loved his first two weeks at LINX Theater Camp. He couldn't get enough of the activities (we heard a lot about Museum, Drip Drip Drop, and others) and really liked his counselors and fellow campers ... We chose LINX Camps this summer because he is very into music and theater, and we thought performing in a show would be a great experience for him. We were disappointed when COVID-19 made that impossible, but are very impressed with the alternate program you were able to put together. I know this is not an easy year for you and we are so grateful that you were able to open in a safe manner — and without losing any of the fun." Theater
I loved how LINX Theater Camp fosters confidence in each camper and lets each camper find their own voice, acting style, etc. Very nicely done! This is the main reason my daughter wants to return next summer." Theater
She doesn't want a summer without LINX Theater Camp! She's loving it and the counselors! She was singing the songs this evening. She's very excited about the play. On a separate note, tonight she also said that you make acting and learning so fun and there is no better teacher anywhere in the world, or in the universe. Happy summer!" Theater
This is the first time we have enrolled our son in Extended Day and he is having a blast. I'm happy as long as he is happy!" LINX Camps Services: Extended Day
My son liked camp so much that he asked me to pick up at the very last moment to enjoy staying there as long as possible." LINX Camps Services: Extended Day
Smoothest camp drop-off and pick-up I've ever done." LINX Camps Services: Extended Day
I am so impressed! The drop-off was so organized and the counselors enthusiasm was great." LINX Camps Services: Early Drop-Off
Our LINX Camps experience was literally flawless! The fact that there were many days when the LINX Camps owner is outside — smiling and directing traffic on his own — is incredible. The staff is always smiling and friendly. The drop-off is seamless and know I will make it to work in a timely manner to start the day." LINX Camps Services: Early Drop-Off
I love pick-up and drop-off at LINX Camps — the music playing, the dancing, and watching my little camper jump out of the car so excited to start another day. I always drive off with a big smile." LINX Camps Services: Early Drop-Off
My spouse and I are so grateful to know that our campers are in such a fun, enriching, and safe environment." LINX Camps Services: Early Drop-Off
Your pick-up and drop-off procedures are the best of any camp I have ever encountered. The signage is STELLAR and the hordes of waving, friendly folks makes arriving such a pleasure. This is SUCH a great way to ensure smooth, stress-free transitions between home and camp, which is appreciated by both children and parents." LINX Camps Services: Early Drop-Off
My 5 year old loved the bus (it was new to her)." LINX Camps Services: Bus
A quick shout out to our Bus Captain, the friendliest face you could ever hope see each morning at the bus stop and just as friendly and energetic at the end of each day as the kids unload from the bus. My son was lucky enough to be in his group one week and couldn't say enough great things about him. He clearly has the passion and energy to excel in his role. The kids love him and as a parent, he's a daily reminder that LINX Camps hires only the best and brightest for their counselors!" LINX Camps Services: Bus
I was impressed with the counselors on the bus. They seemed to know every child's name and they were very friendly and organized." LINX Camps Services: Bus
We were thrilled that you added a Needham Heights bus stop this year. We appreciated how convenient the new stop was and that it allowed our camper a new level of independence of walking home on his own!!" LINX Camps Services: Bus
On time and great staff! Love having the bus route on map! Overall a great and wonderful experience. Would not change it." LINX Camps Services: Bus
My daughter really liked the variety of games that were played — she would describe a new favorite one every day. She also really enjoyed choosing her lunch options everyday, which was a new experience for a rising kindergartener." LINX Camps Services: Lunch Box
My son was very happy at camp every day. He enjoyed all the activities and loved getting to select his lunch (from options he really likes which is no small feat!)." LINX Camps Services: Lunch Box
My son loved lunch everyday — he came home raving about it!" LINX Camps Services: Lunch Box
Lunch Box was a huge hit! Always telling us about the great food!" LINX Camps Services: Lunch Box
My girls both loved Lunch Box! :) LOL — they are at a different camp this week and complaining about the lunches we've been packing." LINX Camps Services: Lunch Box
Just picked my son up from camp and he can't stop talking about his day! He loved it — can't stop telling about all the fun he had. He was impressed with his lunch and wants to enroll for rest of the summer." LINX Camps Services: Lunch Box
My daughter loves all the aspects of LINX Camps. She is a picky eater but enjoys Lunch Box which offers such a wide variety of food she can find at least one items she likes. The team does a wonderful job sending out Scrapbook posts." LINX Camps Services: Lunch Box
My kids LOVED the Lunch Box program. I think they mostly liked the freedom to choose and feel like a grown up, making decisions for themselves. The variety of camp offerings is impressive. Awesome place, awesome people, creative ideas." LINX Camps Services: Lunch Box
It was a very positive experience for our first year camper. All of the staff were extremely friendly and supportive. Camp seemed very well organized. My daughter loved her weeks in Extended Day with Swim Lesson. Her favorite camp was Jr. Explorers." LINX Camps Services: Extended Day with Swim Lesson
My children LOVE your swimming lessons." LINX Camps Services: Extended Day with Swim Lesson
I feel like LINX Camps has soooo many of the wonderful elements of the sleep away camp I grew up attending." LINX Camps Services: Extended Day with Swim Lesson
My daughter said the free swim looked like so much fun. She was also willing to do the lessons, which we haven't been able to get her to do in the longest time. Thank you, thank you! So pleased with LINX Camps!" LINX Camps Services: Extended Day with Swim Lesson
My daughter usually goes to sleep away camp but is LOVING LINX Camps, so much so that she asked to go an additional week!" Dance Battles
Every year I am so impressed by LINX Camps's ability to keep my kids entertained and happy. You all have so many creative ideas and my kids rave about the counselors. Dance Battles
Whether Dance Battles Camp or Cupcake Battles Camp, every camp has something new, exciting, and positive." Dance Battles
Thanks for a great summer! My son did Theater, Dance Battles, and Cupcake Battles camps. It was such a test for him to be able to be who he is!" Dance Battles
My daughter loved Dance Battles Camp. She liked the mixed age and abilities to learn from!" Dance Battles
Just wanted to say how grateful we are for your wonderful Camper Care program. Our son was struggling with sensory overload this week and the Camper Care Specialists were so kind and thoughtful! The Camper Care Specialist for my son's division made him feel comfortable and came up with a re-entry plan this morning. Another Camper Care Specialist gave me a thoughtful call today to say my son had a wonderful day. We have always come to LINX Camps because of your emphasis on emotional development! Your dedication shows." Sci Kids
My daughter had a spectacular first day of camp. She is loving it and calls it LINX Happy Town!!" Sci Kids
As a first time camp mom with both my children enrolled from 9-4, this was new territory for me and I missed them a lot while they were at camp. I LOVED MyLINX Scrapbook. The pictures and notes allowed me to feel connected to my children's day, see how happy they looked, and it provided me with content to ask them about the things I saw in the pictures. I absolutely loved this feature. Thank you." Sci Kids
LINX Camps continue to stand out as a place that not only creates great experiences for the kids, but also one that keeps parents in mind as we all try to navigate change as best we can. Many thanks, we can't wait for camp this summer!" Sci Kids
Your staff was always attentive to our children's needs and anxieties around trying new things. We were thrilled with the supportive environment allowing the kids to try and succeed in their activities. Our kids were always super excited to share when they won the GSOP and enjoyed showing me the celebratory pictures of it in Scrapbook!" Sci Kids
LINX Camps was so incredible for my family this summer. My kids still sit at the dinner table talking about the JABAMALA. They are so excited to come back next summer!" Sci Kids
I am so impressed with LINX Camps! Organization is amazing, and the happy faces of counselors and my son tell me it's a terrific experience. Thanks so much!" Sci Kids
Just want to pass along the praises our girls sing everyday about how totally awesome LINX Camps is this summer, and especially the counselors from Europe. They're a delight and having them as guests here in Wellesley seems to really help open up our girls' eyes to different cultures. Just a bunch of winners, all of them. In fact, once again, the whole experience has been so positive — from communications to the ease of taking care of anything on the LINX Camps website. This is why we always send and will continue to send our daughters to LINX Camps." Maker Masters
My son wants to be a CIT when old enough, then he wants to be a counselor. He had an amazing experience." Maker Masters
I spent the summer wondering why I never sent my kids to LINX Camps before this year. If I had known how easy you guys make it (for parents) and how much my kids would like it, I definitely would have." Maker Masters
My kids came home everyday talking about spirit sticks, sportsmanship awards, relays, songs learned ... EVERY SINGLE DAY. I loved knowing they were having the best time, and felt like they were in wonderful hands. My kids loved all the camps songs they learned and the water games! I do appreciate the organization at the front of camp: the seamless camp drop-offs, any communication was very easy. I felt a lot of comfort knowing I could get in contact very easily. My kids were entertained and the hours of operation were just what our family needed and wanted. My kids loved all of the food offerings, as well! We were just thrilled with our experience and can't wait to return!" Maker Masters
We had an amazing experience at LINX Camps and wish we'd found you sooner. Before LINX Camps all my son did was play video games. LINX Camps changed his life and has made a huge difference in his disposition. Thank you for making such a positive impact on my son when he desperately needed it." Maker Masters
I was very impressed with the whole LINX Camps experience. The counselors were friendly and provided a fun and safe experience for my son. LINX Lunch Box was well-received by my son. I loved Scrapbook and online family management system. Maker Masters
I love everything about LINX Camps. My son has struggled both socially and to meet expectations at some other day camps. He is well supported and happy at LINX Camps. Thank you!!!" Maker Masters
Camp is very well run. Happy campers AND happy parents!" Outward Survival
I appreciate the particular care the team took to prioritize the safety of campers: sunscreen re-application, hydration, and the pick-up/drop-off process. I would love to send my daughter back again!" Outward Survival
All of the LINX Camps staff is amazing. Thank you to each and every one of them for always being cheerful and delivering 110%. We love you guys!" Outward Survival
Such a well organized, fun, and awesome camp! Excited to come back for more :)" LINXTube
My kids love to choose a different camp each week!" LINXTube
My son's comments reflected how much he enjoyed the teamwork/team building in the camp, as well as traditions like GSOP and JABAMALA. He also had nothing but wonderful things to say about the counselors!" Amazing Challenge
My two kids, who were in Amazing Challenge Camp last week, had a wonderful time. It was a great camp and they'd really like to do it again next year! They especially liked the independence of doing the challenges across the campus!" Amazing Challenge
Our family had another incredible summer with LINX Camps. I always feel well assured that my kids are well cared for and will have a great day. I love that you provide such a wide variety of different camps, as my two boys have very different interests. LINX Camps has always provided something for each one of them." Aspiring Artists
It was our first summer at LINX Camps and it was the best camp experience our rising 5th grader has ever had!" Aspiring Artists
LINX Camps is CLEARLY the most organized, well staffed, and jubilant place for kids to be during the summer! We also love the wide variety of choices of camp sessions — they really fit any and all personalities. It’s one of the happiest weeks of our daughter’s summer. Oh, and drop-off and pick-up are about one of the most efficient things going….!" Imagineers
My son had so much fun making things he had never had the experienced to build before. I was very happy to see him laughing and talking with so much enthusiasm whenever I picked him up from camp. Thank you so much LINX Camps for making summer23 so memorable!!! Imagineers
My kids loved every part of every day! This was their first summer at LINX Camps and we are so excited for next year." Sports & Crafts
My camper's favorite thing was the the variety of the sports and activities! I find LINX Camps to be very well organized, with great communication!" Sports & Crafts
My daughter was thrilled with her first week at camp for 2019. She loved her counselors and group-mates. Your attention to detail is unmatched. You and your staff are amazing. Thank you again!" Project Fashion
I can not say enough about LINX Camps! It was our first year, and our daughter thrived! The counselors, camps everything was so so good! Thank you!!!" Project Fashion
My daughter had an amazing summer at LINX Camps — she came home every day smiling and talking about the activities, counselors, etc. The individual attention is really appreciated and we've been very happy with LINX Camps!" Project Fashion
My daughter loved her experience and, better yet, tried some things that were out of her comfort zone. She was encouraged to do so, and felt very connected." Project Fashion
Excellent communication — beyond expectations! My son feels so safe and happy at LINX Camps." Jr. Art
My daughter loved Jr. Art Camp and your swimming program." Jr. Art
We will DEFINITELY be returning — LINX Camps is the best part of summer for our kids." Jr. Sports
Thank you for developing such a well-rounded camp. My son was excited to go each day and said the days went by fast. Great experience!" Jr. Sports
My kids love to choose a different camp each week. That diversity keeps us returning year after year." Jr. Sports
We look forward to attending again next year! This was my son's first summer doing camps, so we did three different places. He said LINX Camps was his favorite :) He loved it all, but mentioned Jr. Soccer Camp and the swim program as favorites." Jr. Soccer
Scrapbook is a great and unique feature we've never seen." Jr. Theater
With the amenities, curriculum, and low ratio of counselor-to-campers, it is worth the price. Jr. Dance
My son can be shy initially, but he loved LINX Camps from the first day. Definitely keep up the individual attention you provide each camper as well as the welcoming nature of the staff and program." Jr. Dance
This was our daughter's first year attending LINX Camps and she had a phenomenal experience. She adored her counselors and is already looking forward to next summer!" Jr. Dance
Thank you for making the camps so allergy inclusive. I particularly appreciated the attention from the head nurse to make sure that Jr. Science Camp would be safe for our daughter." Jr. Science
My youngest camper made versions of GSOP, Spirit Stick, and Missing Link for our home, that he awards to family members or, in the case of the Missing Link, sneaks into bags and under pillows." Jr. Science
The counselors are great at engaging the kids and making camp fun." Jr. Science
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