LINX Camps Frequently Asked Questions

Summer 2020 / COVID-19

What is the deadline for my family to make our choices for summer 2020?

Families who are registered to attend LINX Camps have until 3:00pm on June 1st to use this portal to confirm, update, defer, request credit, or request a refund.

I want all of my children to attend LINX Camps but the camp choices for at least one of my children are all full. What should I do?

Please email us so that we know we need to reach out to you after June 1st to help you manage your registrations. You will hear from us no later than June 8th.

Will LINX Camps be running as normal?

LINX Camps will look a little different this year, but rest assured our team has been working incredibly hard to make LINX Camps the fun, exciting, and innovative camp that you are used to! We will make sure that everyone has The Best Day Ever!

What is your mask requirement?

All campers will be required to come to camp with a mask.

  • Campers will be required to wear their mask as they exit their car.
  • Campers will wear their masks when indoors and when within 6 feet of anyone else.
  • When campers are safely distanced outside they may remove their masks from their face if they have someplace else on their person to keep it.
Will you be taking the temperatures of campers at the start of each day?

Upon arriving at drop-off and BEFORE exiting the car, each camper will have their temperature checked by a trained staff member using a touchless thermometer.

Anyone who has a fever per state standards or who is experiencing coughing or shortness of breath, will not be permitted to exit the car to attend LINX Camps that day.

Will campers be inside or outside?

LINX Camps will be held outdoors at every possible opportunity. We will have more tents than in previous summers and will only be indoors for bathrooms and in the severest of summer weather. Our campus will be divided into sections, with each camp given a dedicated section. Campers and counselors will remain in their section each day, including drop-off, pick-up, opening and closing ceremonies, and lunch. Lunch will be outside, picnic style.

What weeks will LINX Camps be open?

Governor Baker has declared that summer day camps can open in Phase 2 of Reopening Massachusetts, which may begin as early as June 8th. Out of an abundance of caution LINX Camps plans to open the week of June 29th.

Are you hiring international counselors?

We are only hiring people who live locally as counselors this summer. They will receive extra training both about our new safety procedures and how to encourage, support, and comfort campers while respecting required physical distancing.

How will you run your swim program?


We are unable to run our ability-based swim program or a safe free swim program this summer while ensuring physical distance. Campers will cool off and have fun during a period of outdoor water games with their group.

How will you run LINX Lunch Box?

LINX Lunch Box will be different this year because it will be a Dana Hall boxed lunch, with entreé choices offered in several sizes, to eat outside and picnic-style. Sides such as salad and fresh fruit will be included. The LINX Lunch Box menu will be shared in advance of June 29th.

How will you run the LINX Camps Bus?

Busing will not be available this year. All campers will arrive at Dana Hall from the safety of their family car and will be directly dropped off at their designated area of campus.

From which campuses will you be operating?

LINX Camps will operate out of one location, our Dana Hall campus, separated into seven sections for the weeks of June 29th - August 10th. Each section will remain separate for the entire day to maintain physical distancing and to avoid cross-contamination between all camps.

I want to pick my child up early from camp some days, can I still do that?

Absolutely! If a camper needs to get picked up early we ask that you use your family account to schedule an early pick-up. You will pick-up directly from your campers designated camp zone. As soon as you arrive on campus you will then need to call the office to notify them that you are here and a team leader (in a mask, following physical distancing and safety protocols) will bring your camper safely to the car.

Will I pick all of my children up from one place as I have in previous years?

For the safety of all of our campers and staff, and to avoid cross-contamination throughout the campus, all campers must be picked up from their designated camp zones. We understand that you will only be able to pick-up one camper at a time and our amazing camp counselors will keep your other campers entertained as they wait!

Will I drop-off of my children at place as I have in previous years?

For the safety of all of our campers and staff, and to avoid cross-contamination throughout the campus, all campers must be dropped-off at their designated camp zones.

What will the ratios of campers-to-counselors be?

We are keeping our current ratio of 5 campers to 1 counselor.

Our group size depends on the guidelines set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Health and the town of Wellesley Board of Health, for which we are still waiting.

General Camp Info

Is LINX Camps a traditional camp?

LINX Camps proudly offers a traditional day camp experience for the entire family! We have many rituals and traditions that unite the entire community as one. We are often referred to as a day camp with an overnight camp feel. If you are looking for a traditional camp try our general camps: Freedom and Explorers Camps. Within these camps, your camper will get a taste of everything LINX Camps has to offer.

Is LINX Camps a good fit for all of my children regardless of age or interests?

LINX Camps offer a wide array of program options to meet the growing needs and interests of every member of your family. Each child can explore his/her personal interests under the direction of expert counselors, while enjoying a communal camp experience. Campers unite for opening and closing ceremonies, dine together and enjoy fun Friday Special Events that bring the entire family together. A family of four can easily have each child in a different program, while the campers come home with the same hysterical stories about what happened throughout the days and weeks.

Who are the LINX Camps Counselors and who hires and trains them?

LINX Camps is comprised of the best of the best within youth services industries. Unique to LINX Camps, over 30 year-round team members work in the summer as directors, coordinators and counselors. This gives LINX a true advantage, as they are able to train their core team for 12 months instead of just a few weekends. The rest of the staff is comprised mostly of teachers and college students who are training to become teachers. Each person must meet with Executive Director, Meesh Farrell, or founder and CEO, Joe Kahn. LINX Camps prides ourselves on only hiring those we would trust to work with our own children. We receive over 500 applications per year and only select the top 8-9% to join the LINX Camps team.

Can you explain how your general camp works?

Our general camp is called FREEDOM CAMP because it gives campers the freedom to choose some of their daily activities. In a 6 period day, the program directors have carefully selected 4 out of the 6 activity periods that make up the Freedom Campers' mornings and early afternoons. Those four periods include lunch, and a variety of other activities throughout that week that include archery, rock climbing, crafts, sports and more! See: .

Campers meet with their counselors and select their two freedom choice periods each day (selections can be made as individuals or with clusters of friends - offerings change from day to day to meet the needs of the groups).

Is there continuity between programs and weeks?

LINX Camps was designed to maintain continuity even when a family does 4 different LINX Camps spanning 8 weeks of the summer! Our staff is trained to maintain consistent standards of behavioral excellence regardless of the program. The routine of structure within the days and week is similar so campers feel at home and are comforted by knowing what to expect!

Will my camper's counselors change from week to week if they sign up for the same program for several weeks?

We review the number of weeks and types of programs each camper is registered for and match the campers up with other campers who have similar schedules. We then match them up with counselors to provide them with as much continuity as possible.

Will I ever hear about my child's day from his/her counselors?

Every week counselors send parents up to date information on their child's progress and activities at camp via LINX Scrapbook. This custom tool enables parents to view pictures and updates of THEIR child at camp. All information about your child is password-protected and only available to families whose children appear in each of the updates. It's a great conversation starter between parents and children. Ask your child to share more specifics about their camp experience with you.

What do I do if my child is going to be absent?
If your child will be absent, please give as much advance notice as possible! To report an absence from camp, please go to your personalized schedule. Then click the date your camper will be absent and follow the directions you see.
What do I do if my child is going to be late to camp, or needs to be picked up early?

If your child will be arriving late, please try your best to notify us in advance! To report a late drop off at camp, please go to your personalized schedule. Then click the date your camper will be dropped off late and follow the directions you see. Late drop off instructions by time period are as follows. 8:55 - 9:05am arrival: Drop your camper off at Dana Hall in Line C and check in with the late drop off staff. 9:10 - 9:30am arrival: At Dana Hall, follow signs to Line C. Park your car. Walk your camper into the camp office. To request an early pick up from camp, please go to your personalized schedule. Then click the date you want to make an early pick up and specify the pick up time. Please note: Pick ups must be made before 3:00pm Please provide 24 hours notice if any early pickups are required for your camper. We do our best not to disrupt our campers' scheduled day, and having ample notice will allow our staff to make sure your camper is where they need to be with little interruption. In an emergency, late notice situation please let us know about your early pick up requests no later than first thing in the morning.

How does drop off and pick up work?

All Pick ups and Drop offs are at our Dana Hall Campus. Your family will be given access to print an AD Card (arrival and dismissal) to keep on your dash and to give to those authorized to pick up. We have 8 different car lines on campus (signs and staff direct you where to go). The system in place is safe, fast and very efficient! Parents are in and out quicker than you can imagine! You can also load a picture of your AD Card onto your phone so that you always have it with you.

How do you assure my child only goes home with an authorized adult?

AD Cards serve as your authorized ID at camp. Only give AD Cards to those you approve to pick up your child (AD = Arrival and Dismissal). Our staff members are equipped with iDevices and tapped into our custom database so they can also easily access your account to see who is authorized to pick up your child!

How do you handle bullying behavior?

We proudly maintain a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any acts of meanness, cruelty, or bullying of any kind. LINX Camps works to build positive group dynamics that ensure all campers are in an emotionally safe place and that they are surrounded by caring and inclusive staff and campers. If bullying behavior is identified, the staff members act swiftly and remove the aggressor and work with parents to address the issue immediately. In the event a parent learns of a problem within a group, we strongly advise that you call the camp office immediately so it can be addressed. Our staff members work to build trusting relationships with each camper so the campers know they can count on the staff to be there for them as needed. We train our staff to know, "We will remove 10 campers from a group by our choosing, before we will lose a single camper by his/her choosing when it comes to negative behavior affecting the group or individual." All staff members know we are serious about positive character development!

What do the counselors do to make sure my child makes friends and has a good experience?

Each counselor is trained extensively to help campers feel right at home and make friends. From ice-breakers and 'getting to know you' games every Monday to buddying campers up throughout the week, the campers can't help but get to know and appreciate each other for their differences and similarities. We can often make play date suggestions as we work to facilitate the bonds of friendship each and every day!

How do I reach the camp office or my child's counselor?
781-235-3210 or
What is your sunscreen policy?
Please send your camper in with a bottle of labeled sunscreen (bottles of lotion are preferred for campers under the age of 10. Campers 11 and older may use spray). Counselors are trained and required to help campers reapply sunscreen at approximately 10, 12 and 2 daily!
Do you require campers to be potty trained?

All campers must be fully potty trained prior to the start of their camp experience at LINX. Campers must be able to use the bathroom on their own without wiping assistance as counselors are not permitted to touch campers in private areas. We understand that all children develop their potty training at their own pace. If a camper is not ready for camp this year, we will apply 100% of their tuition paid towards camp for the following year in the hopes that they will be ready next year.

What if my child decides they do not like the camp they selected?

We want to make sure every camper feels comfortable and confident at LINX Camps. We are happy to work with you accommodate switches based on availability. Please never hesitate to contact us with any issues or concerns. We have found that most issues can easily be fixed and resolved in the moment! Call the office and ask to speak with a director at 781-235-3210.

What is the difference between LINX Sports Camps and LX Sports Camps?

LINX SPORTS CAMPS: Campers enjoy 3 out of 6 periods training within their chosen sport. There is a period for lunch and bonus periods (traditional camp games such as capture the flag, dodgeball, etc.). These LINX Campers also participate in the general camp opening and closing ceremonies and enjoy the camp-wide Friday Special Events. The level of intensity within their training is the same as LX (LX has 5 periods of training and LINX provides 3). LX SPORTS CAMPS: Campers are immersed in an intense sports development training program. 5 out of 6 periods are spent training and developing skills and technique. Campers receive a lunch period and join opening and closing ceremonies with all campers. ALL STAR SPORTS: These campers receive 3 out of 6 periods within a wide array of sports (Basketball, Baseball, Flag Football, Soccer and Street Hockey). They receive a period for lunch and bonus period. They are part of the general camp's opening and closing ceremonies and camp-wide Friday Special Events.

Do I get a refund if I cancel?

Our refund policy changes as we approach the summer. Please click here to see our full cancellation policy. 


Which age group is my child?
At LINX Camps we organize our summer groups by age or grade the child is going into in the Fall. At the end of the school year, or June 21st, we consider they have moved to the next grade. We recommend if you are setting up a new account prior to June 21st you put the grade your child(ren) is in currently and our system will update it following June 21st.
My kids are 3 years apart in age. Will they see each other at camp?

Family campers may see each other throughout the camp day. Their lunch periods may overlap, but for the most part, they follow their own schedule and group leaders. Family members are typically reunited at the end of the day when they get into their pick up lines and participate in some fun camp antics! The stories, camp traditions and rituals will be shared by all campers.

My older child does not want to go to the same camp as his/her younger sibling!

The programs and physical layout allow each child to explore his/her own interests and passions, to make his/her own set of friends and have a unique camp experience while still sharing in the same camp rituals and traditions. You will love gathering around the dinner table and hearing them have common stories about camp, while they also have found their own niche and circle of friends. It truly is a perfect camp experience they can enjoy as individuals and as a family!


Can I add the lunch plan mid-week if my child decides he/she wants it?
In order to be on the LINX lunch plan, you must sign up in advance and for the entire week.


Are you nut-free and what do you do if a child brings in nuts?
LINX Camps is a nut-free facility. Campers are not required to be on the meal plan and may bring in their own lunch. No one is allowed to share food and absolutely no nuts are allowed in camp (that includes foods that may have been processed in a factory that contains nuts). Our staff is very vigilant and we confiscate all nut products should they arrive to camp and notify parents immediately.
What does my camper do with their EpiPen?

Campers with EpiPens must first have their EpiPens arrive through the camp nurse. Epis must be in the original container and have the prescription label on the packaging. Then, the Epi is given to the child's counselor and it travels with the counselor at all times. Should the child change activities throughout the day, the Epi travels with whichever counselor is responsible for the camper at any given time!

Do you have a registered nurse on campus?
Each campus has a registered nurse who is trained to deal with a wide array of medical needs. They can handle anything from small scrapes and bumps all the way to administering and monitoring diabetes.
My child requires an EpiPen for allergies. Will it travel with my child?
Campers with EpiPens must first have their EpiPens arrive through the camp nurse. Epis must be in the original container and have the prescription label on the packaging. Then, the Epi is given to the child's counselor and it travels with the counselor at all times. Should the child change activities throughout the day, the Epi travels with whichever counselor is responsible for the camper at any given time!
What happens if my camper forgets their EPIPEN?

Campers who require EPIPENs must have their EPIPENs with them at all times. Campers must bring it with them to camp in order to be able to participate. If the camper’s EPIPEN is left at home, the camper must sit in the office until one is brought into camp ensure their safety is maintained.

Absences and Make-Ups

Should we notify LINX about an absence?

Yes, it is always a good idea to let us know when your child(ren) will be absent from camp. Please give as much notice as possible. 

To report an absence from camp, please go to your personalized schedule. Then click the date your camper will be absent and follow the directions you see.


What is your attendance policy regarding children exhibiting possible flu symptoms?
  • Children with a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, or flu-like symptoms (cough, sore throat, nausea, dizziness, aches, or chills), must stay home.
  • Children who exhibit fever or flu-like symptoms while at camp and as a result, either go home early or stay home entirely, may not attend LINX Camps the next day.
  • Children may only return to LINX Camps after they have been fever-free for at least 24 hours without the aid of acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) and do not have any other flu-like symptoms.

For the most up-to-date information about the flu please consult the Mass. Department of Health’s “Flu Facts."

LINX Camps does not issue credits or refunds for sick days.

Donations & Scholarships

The LINX Foundation

The deadline for submitting scholarship applications for summer 2020 has passed. We hope that your family will still be able to join us for camp!

We will begin reviewing scholarship applications for summer 2021 in January 2021.

Request a Donation

LINX Camps is proud to support many local organizations and events. We would be happy to consider working with or donating to your organization or event. Make a request

Please give at least 3 months lead up time for donation requests as we are not always able to accommodate last minute requests.