LINX Specialty Camps

LINX Camps proudly offers a variety of premier Specialty Camps to support and guide campers who are dedicated to pursuing their passions! Camps include Adventure, Fine Arts, General Camp, Junior Camps, Leadership, Performing Arts, Sports Camps, and STEMM.

Arts and Crafts

At LINX Art Camp, your child will go on an adventure and explore different mediums to expand their creative imagination! Our staff introduce campers to charcoal, chalk, paint, colored pencils, oil pastels and watercolors with games and exercises to help campers improve their creative and technical skills. Campers will have three periods each day to work on targeted projects specifically chosen for their age and skill level.

Cupcake Battles

Cupcake Battles Camp is a creative, fun, and challenging traditional camp experience for children who love to learn and design their own imaginative cupcake treats. The excitement continues with uniquely themed decorating battles and guest judges!


The LINX Rec Dance Camp provides the perfect balance between dance camp and a traditional day camp experience! The program takes place in our three beautiful, state-of-the-art studios at our Dana Hall Campus. The camp includes training and development in ballet, hip hop, jazz, modern and choreography.

Duct Tape and Dodgeball

In Duct-tape and Dodgeball Camp, campers get their fair share of dodgeball oriented games that keep them moving and active all day long (Mooseball, Gaga, Dodgeball and so much more!) .Then they shift to the fine art of design.

Gaming App Design

Think your child might be the next inventor of an award-winning app?... Sign up for the LINX G.A.D. Camp. Campers are immersed into a world of play, graphic design, gaming architecture and app development. Using the latest app development software and Scratch™, campers dive right in as their imaginations come to life right in front of their eyes! Kids of all competence levels will develop their computing, reasoning, creative and development skills to build apps this summer as they participate in small groups, class projects and individual projects designed to help each camper learn how to work together towards a common goal. Using our fun-based learning philosophy, we are giving our campers the tools needed to succeed in this fast-paced digital gaming world.

Girl Power

This (GIRLS ONLY) camp unites our campers and creates a community of leaders. The LINX G.I.R.L. Power program has proven to be a useful resource for both parents and children as we cover topics that come up in school, with friendship circles and siblings. Our GIRLS learn the skills needed to help with peer mediation, team building, how to handle gossiping and bullying. We train our girls how to build a team from the ground up, how to remain positive and optimistic.

Lion's Den

Think hit TV show Shark Tank! Our program has been designed by Harvard Business School graduates and lifelong camp professionals who know how to inspire and train children and teens alike! Campers learn the latest in Social Media Marketing, Branding, Budgeting, Advertising, Real Estate and Contract Negotiations. Campers will learn how to serve as a Project Manager and take a project from idea to creation and pitch it in the LINX Lion’s Den to see who can survive and win the daily challenges!

Movie Making

Movie Making Campers report, interview and perform while making LINX TV and Movies videos here at our beautiful Dana Hall Campus. Campers report area news, perform in commercials and make their own game shows while being trained on how to use state-of-the-art software and technology that makes movies possible. Emphasis is placed on movie making production, acting and performance skill development, and video editing.

Myth Crushers

Myth Crushers Camp is Fun, Hilarious, Messy, Gooey, Explosive, and best of all…. Hands On! Join LINX Scientists this summer to uncover the truth behind modern day myths using science, chemistry and physics. Let’s CRUSH Some Myths!

Outward Adventures

We're talking heart-pumping camp survival skills education! Outward Adventures campers take it to the extreme with a curriculum designed and developed by former Marine Captains, scout experts and veteran camp counselors! This program is perfect for boy scouts, girls scouts or children who simply love the outdoors and adventure!

Science Camp

LINX science campers are led on a science adventure as they take a hands-on look at solar energy, aerodynamics, flight, chemistry, physics and much more. This science program is designed to inspire creativity, spark curiosity, and challenge young scientific minds.

Spy Adventure

Learn the math, logic, critical thinking and coding skills necessary to write in your own secret code! Learn how to break codes and uncover clues! Then we black out the 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art spy training center as you and your team go on your mission to recover the stolen object from the opposing team!

Spy Adventure 2

Spy Adventure Camp 2 is action packed, designed especially for kids who dream of top-secret missions and uncovering clues to discover secrets like a real spy! Campers weave through laser mazes, use science to create diversions, develop secret identities, and most importantly learn to work as a team.

Gardening and Nature

Gardening & Nature Campers learn how to care for plants, make garden beds and build a greenhouse among other fun projects. Children learn through hands on exploration as tree and plant identification techniques are incorporated into fun and creative craft projects. This is such a fun camp for kids!!


At LINX Theater Camps we work to help each actor reach their fullest potential, and that starts with equal parts for everyone in the show. Each script is expertly crafted by our experienced youth theater directors, for the players at each level.


LINX Voice Camp combines professional vocal instruction with fun traditional camp activities! This is an intensive camp for all experience levels, where children learn breathing, vowel placement, vocal dynamics, singing with a healthy voice, blending with other singers, vocal vocabulary, and singing in harmony.


Whodunnit Camp is a high tech adventure designed for kids who dream of solving mysteries just like a real detective! Kids will thoroughly enjoy using finger print technology, infra-red sensors, heat sensors, biology, chemistry, DNA and more to solve a hilariously strange mystery of the week.

LX Dance

LX Competitive Dance Campers are evaluated in a stress-free, nurturing environment on their first day, so that we may place them in the group that is the best fit based on skill-level. Instructors then work closely with each group, while also paying particular attention to helping each individual dancer reach her/his fullest potential.

LX Theater

At LX Theater Camp, our goal is to provide training, theatrical education and creative encouragement while building campers' confidence. Campers develop characters, learn songs and choreography, and enhance projection and stage presence, using memorization and imagination as tools to begin the journey. Our campers are also provided with intensives in theatrical elements outside of the show such as make-up, stage combat, vocal training, improvisation, etc. Costumes, sets and props are designed and built by campers in each 2-week session.

*LUNCH: LINX Specialty Campers have a 60 minute lunch period. LX Specialty Campers have a 30 minute lunch period. Campers may bring their own lunch or order the LINX Lunch Box.

**DAILY SWIM: LINX Specialty Campers receive 60 minutes of swim daily, including a 30 minute Red Cross Certified Swim Lesson and 30 minutes of free swim. LX Specialty Campers receive 30 minutes of Optional Free Swim 4 times per week.