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Freedom Camp (2nd - 8th Grades)


Give Campers the "Freedom" to Choose!

Freedom Camp, our most popular full day camp, is deeply rooted in LINX Camps traditions and caters to campers entering 2nd - 8th grade who are looking for an unforgettable, traditional day camp experience.

Freedom Campers are placed in age appropriate camper groups. They begin each day with camp-wide opening ceremonies and end each day with spirit and song competitions, skits, and camper/counselor challenges as part of our camp-wide closing ceremonies.

Whether chanting for a "squasher", searching for the "missing link", competing for "GSOP"(the Golden Slice of Pizza), or getting amped up for the Eagle Games, our small camper groups are always focused on the shared community values of kindness, respect and spirit!

Each day offers Freedom Campers a varied schedule including a wide array of traditional camp activities like archery, crafts, rock climbing, canoeing, water games, soccer, softball, volleyball, theatrical arts, team building, and swimming!

Typical Day

Days at LINX Camps are typically spent laughing and learning with friends! Freedom Camp includes two pre-scheduled traditional camp activity periods, a lunch period, a swim period (including swim lessons from trained LINX Swim Instructors who implement our safe, fun-based, non-stress approach to teaching), and two self-selected afternoon Freedom Periods.

Freedom Campers also have the opportunity to interact with non-freedom camp friends during opening and closing ceremonies, as well as lunch. Our popular camp-wide activities help us to build a sense of camp community.


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Camp Campus Jun
Freedom Camp (Rising 2nd Graders)Dana Hall
Freedom Camp (Rising 3rd Graders)Dana Hall
Freedom Camp (Rising 4th Graders)Dana Hall
Freedom Camp (Rising 5th Graders)Dana Hall
Freedom Camp (Rising 6th Graders)Dana Hall
Freedom Camp (Rising 7th Graders)Dana Hall
Freedom Camp (Rising 8th Graders)Dana Hall
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Climbing the 34' rock wall at Dana Hall!

All General Campers swim daily!

[The LINX swim instructor was] the first instructor [my son] has made ANY real progress with in swimming. He has always been nervous around water. We have had him in swimming lessons for years, [...but] this is the first time he's actually enjoyed swimming and has shown any progress or any real desire to gain skills. I don't know what you did, but we really appreciate it!

   - L.M., Wayland Parent

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[My son] had such an incredible week [...]! It was wonderful seeing him so happy and hearing about all the awards and activities! The creativity at camp is fantastic - and much appreciated! He loves being at Linx camps and it's great to see him thrive! He has had so many positive experiences and happy memories. Thank you for helping to make his camp experience truly special!

   - S.B., Wellesley, MA

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I wanted to take a few minutes out of my busy day [...to] relay my gratitude for running a fantastic - 5 star camp! After attending the Linx Camp picnic last night, I got to see first hand the tight family bond among the entire staff and campers! I am already looking forward to next years picnic! It was refreshing to see a camp operate in this fashion, and it also showed me there is a tremendous amount of fun occurring and that everyone feels welcome! The communications via e-mail have also been outstanding. I received end of the week updates on my son's swimming and the group's activities. The communications were short, informative, to the point and easy to follow. Thank you very much for providing the best camp experience for my son this summer! This was his first summer and he was a little apprehensive because he was at another camp for the past three summers. Your master motivator (Chris Dumais) and other counselors were mentioned frequently by my son, and seeing it first hand last night I understood why! I feel Chris could be the next Tony Robbins or even better! I also relayed my concerns about something to Linx Camps via e-mail and I was immediately contacted on my cell phone by [a supervisor] and my issue was addressed. Thank you for the sense of urgency and contacting me so quickly! I hope other camps will use your model as you have created and cultivated something truly special!

   - R.M., Natick, MA

I just want to let you know how impressed by Linx I have been this summer. My daughter absolutely loves it there, gets frustrated if I have to pick her up early and wishes the weekends away so it can be a camp day again. Every single staff member I have come in contact with is super friendly and very helpful and the energy there is just awesome. A well oiled machine and an easy place to feel comfortable sending my kid!

   - K.G., Wellesley, MA

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THANK you guys for everything you've being doing for my daughter Ana Luisa! She's very shy and after few days in camp, I've noticed she's more open for a conversation ! God bless all of you❤️

   - M.S. , Wellesley

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