LINX Theater Camp

2018 Theater Camp Performances

SESSION 1: June 25th + July 2nd: The Wind in the Willows

One of literature’s funniest and heart-warming tales returns to LINX Summer Theater. Follow sweet Mole, wise Rat, bad-tempered Badger and a host of other animal friends as they try to keep their neighbor Toad under control. Toad loves fast things and keeps wasting the family fortune on things that go vroom! Join the adventure and discover why The Wind in the Willows is such a classic.

SESSION 2: July 9th + July 16th: Tarzan

Let down your hair and go wild with a small child raised by gorillas. Tarzan always knew he was different. Yet his animal friends celebrated those differences. When Tarzan meets other humans, however, they find him strange and some think he is dangerous. It is an epic adventure about what makes a family and learning who our true friends are.

SESSION 3: July 23rd + July30th: A Midsummer Night's Dream

During one magical night a faerie Queen and her attendants will face off with a faerie King and his mischievous servant. Humans lost in the wood will be caught in the comedy. Yet all’s well that ends well. This classic is adapted for audiences of all ages. Using modern speech, campers discover a story they are likely to study later. They will carry a love for the comedy and already know well one of the most famous speeches in history.

SESSION 4: August 6th + August 13th: Pinocchio

The story of a small wooden child brought to life by a loving fairy warms the hearts of all audiences. The adventure is adapted for every age, with light-hearted themes for young players and darker adventures for the older. No matter which age, each performance explores a child’s struggle with discovering what is right and wrong. Join Gepetto, Fox, Cat, the Fairy and a certain talking cricket as they work to keep Pinocchio on (or off) the right path.

Join the cast and crew of LINX Theater Camp for an amazing theatrical journey this summer!

At LINX Theater Camps, EVERY performer enjoys EQUAL PARTS!

At LINX Theater Camps we work to help each actor reach their fullest potential, and that starts with equal parts for everyone in the show. Each script is expertly crafted by our experienced youth theater directors, for the players at each level.

Each cast develops close bonds since they remain together for their two week session. We take our time and teach the campers how to enjoy the experience and the friendships they make. In this way, we continue to inspire a love for the art and keep their passion and interest active!

Each two-week theater camp program ends with a final production performed in front of a live camp audience. Parents and family members are welcome to attend. Shows are held on the second Friday of the two-week program and typically some time between 9:30 - 1:30 depending on the week and program. Specific times are shared with parents when camp begins.

Typical Day (Is there such a thing?)

Days at LINX Camps are spent laughing and learning with friends! Theater Camp includes three daily theater intensives, a lunch period, swim period (including lessons from trained LINX Swim Instructors who implement our safe, fun-based, non-stress approach to teaching), and a bonus camp activity period. They also have the opportunity to interact with non-theater camp friends during opening and closing ceremonies, as well as lunch. Our popular camp-wide activities help us to build a sense of camp community.

Theater Campers are immersed in specialty sessions for half the day. Our LINX actors are able to comfortably experiment and explore theater under the guidance of phenomenal trainers, harnessing their creativity and building up their confidence. Each two-week session features a full performance for parents and friends the morning of the second Friday in the session.

LINX Camps Promotional Pricing

*Promotional camp rates (1 week at $669, 2-3 weeks at $654/each, 4-7 weeks at $634/each, 8+ weeks at $609/each) - orig. $669/week Lunch for only $55 per week when you register for 8 or more weeks, $60 per week when registering for 4-7 weeks, $65 when registering for 2-3 weeks and $65 for registering for 1 week (orig. $65/week)



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