Ninja Warrior Camp

Get ready for EXTREME NINJA FUN!

Are you the next LINX Ninja Warrior? Step up for some...

  • Cargo net relay
  • Core training
  • Martial arts training
  • Jousting
  • Obstacle courses
  • Physical and mental challenges
  • Team and individual competitions
  • The LINX Wrecking Ball

Ninja Warrior Camp combines inspiration from the hit TV show American Ninja Warriors and LINX’s ever-popular Outward Adventures Camp.

  • Tackle multiple mental and physical challenges individually and as a team!
  • Records to break each day!

Efforts pay off, as campers learn and master what it takes to be a hero, even if they don’t know it yet!

LINX Martial Arts Instructor Mr. T will lead the martial arts training. Mr. T has been the LINX Martial Arts Instructor for several years and has an extensive martial arts background including multi-level black belts in over 5 styles!

Water games or traditional camp activities are substituted for daily free swim and swimming lessons.

For more extreme fun and challenges, try pairing this camp with other LINX Camps’ adventure programs that test knowledge and skill.

Extreme Rush

This head-to-head race by teams and individuals requires speed and stamina to win.

Wrecking Ball

This individual competition combines strategy with agility and core strength to be the last camper standing.

Joust Arena

This face-off between individuals taps into both physical and mental strength to succeed.

'85 Boot Camp

This individual challenge helps each camper assess his/her own strength and set personal goals.

Typical Day

Each day, campers enjoy 4 periods of Ninja Training and Challenges, 1 period for lunch, and 1 extra activity period in lieu of swim. Campers take part in exciting opening and closing ceremonies with other LINX Campers, and there is a campwide special event every Friday!

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LINX Ninja Warriors Rookies (2nd - 3rd)Dana Hall      
LINX Ninja Warriors Masters (4th - 5th)Dana Hall     
LINX Ninja Warriors Legends (6th - 8th)Dana Hall     


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