Mock Trial Camp


Order in the Camp! This camp is out of order!!! Mock Trial campers will have a fun-filled summer exploring the justice system in a highly humorous, realistic way, as they learn and practice important body language, posture, demeanor, and attitude needed in the courtroom. Young budding lawyers will learn about the law, how the court system works and that, sometimes, things are a lot more complicated than guilty or not guilty. They will learn the art of advocacy (speaking in court), how to gather evidence and present their arguments as they take on the roles of defendant, defense lawyer, plaintiff, prosecution lawyer, and jury! Campers will learn and use terms including “hearsay,” “speculation,” “opinion,” and much more as they argue their age-appropriate case at the end of the week in a fun mock trial, complete with a jury who will decide the final verdict!

Typical Day

This leadership camp takes place at Dana Hall. Campers are challenged with 3 periods of Mock Trial, a lunch period, swim four times a week, and a period of a fun outdoor activity.


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Camp Campus Jul
Mock Trial Masters (Rising 4th - 5th Graders)Dana Hall
Mock Trial Legends (Rising 6th - 8th Graders)Dana Hall
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