LINX Camps Traditions

Golden slice of pizza


The group with cleanest lunch area and the most spirit at the end of lunch wins the Golden Slice of Pizza!
Multi-colored eagle

Eagle Games

The whole camp, including both campers and counselors, is split into red, blue, and green teams for a week of challenges and games. It concludes with an epic finale crowning spirit, sportsmanship, and overall points winners!
Megaphone with party streamers


A short event, right after lunch each day, to bring all the campers within a division together for challenges, trivia, music/song contests, charades, and other zaniness.
Large orange carabiner


An orange carabiner is secretly passed by counselors on Fridays. At the end of the day, the counselor with the JABAMALA gets a Squasher, because whoever gets it, GETS IT!
Green carabiner

Missing Link

A green carabiner is secretly passed by counselors on Mondays-Thursdays. At the end of each day, the counselor with the Missing Link has to awe campers by answering trivia questions, solving riddles, giving a mini performance, or revealing a hidden talent. A counselor who ends up with the Missing Link three times in one week gets a Friday Squasher.
Large orange carabiner

Spirit Stick

Each morning, a group with awesome spirit and great sportsmanship earns a Spirit Stick to carry with them all day! In the Junior Camps division, camp groups also work together to try to earn the Friendship Frog, the Sportsmanship Shark, and the Teamwork Turtle.
Shaving cream splat


A shaving cream pie to the face of a counselor if they have the JABAMALA at the end of Friday!