LINX Camps Traditions

Golden slice of pizza


The group with cleanest table with the most spirit at the end of lunch wins the Golden Slice of Pizza! (GSOP)
Multi-colored eagle

Eagle Games

The whole camp is split into the red, blue and green teams for a week of challenges and games that results in an epic finale and the announcement of the spirit, sportsmanship and overall points winner!
Large orange carabiner


A large orange carabiner is secretly passed by counselors on Fridays and at 3:15 the counselor who has Jabamala will get a Squasher (shaving cream pie) to the face because whoever gets it GETS IT!
Large orange carabiner

Spirit Stick

If a group has awesome spirit and great sportsmanship then they can earn a spirit stick to carry with them all day!
Shaving cream splat


A shaving cream pie to the face given to a counselor if they end up wtih Jabamala at 3:15 on a Friday!