Jr. Dance | K - 1st Grades

Get ready for a dance party experience that builds physical awareness and self confidence! Jr. Dance campers are introduced to the fundamentals of several types of dance, while learning to express themselves through creative movement. Meanwhile, they are practicing how to follow direction and imitate movement, enhancing their listening, and social skills, plus developing their gross motor skills.


Days at LINX Junior Camps are spent laughing and learning with friends! Jr. Dance Camp includes three dance-based activity periods, a period for traditional camp fun, swimming, and a lunch period. Potential dance periods are:

  • Ballet
  • Hip hop,
  • Jazz
  • Modern

Sample Day

Period 1
Period 2
Gaga Ball
Period 3
Hip Hop
Period 4
Period 5
Period 6


All lifeguards are Red Cross certified. Swim lessons are taught by staff who have received LINX Camps swim training.

Lessons & Free Swim (4-5x per week)

Equipment Requirements

  • Hair pulled back into either a ponytail or bun, if it is long enough to get in the eyes
  • Active wear that allows for lots of movement
  • Closed-toed dance shoes (only worn in-studio)


2023 Rates

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Exceptions to the calculators below include Fun Bunch Camp and Counselor in Training (CIT) program, which are $509/week.

We offer a sibling discount on bus service which is $10 less per week for each sibling. Please use the calculator below, rather than the chart, for an estimate that reflects your rate with bus savings.

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