Early Pick-Up

To request an early pick-up from camp, please go to your personalized schedule. Then, click the date you want to make an early pick-up and specify the pick-up time.

Early pick-ups:

  • Early pick-ups must be made before 3:00pm.
  • Please provide 24 hours notice if any early pick-ups are required for your camper. We do our best not to disrupt our campers' scheduled day, and having ample notice will allow our staff to make sure your camper is where they need to be with little interruption.

Early pick-ups due to stormy weather:

  • Please let us know you are coming by submitting an early pick-up request in your personalized schedule.
  • If there is not a counselor at the curb to help you when you arrive, please call us at (781) 235-3210.