Masters (4th - 5th grade)

Welcome to LINX Camps where traditional day camp values and experiences are a part of every general, specialty and sports program we offer. All of our Masters (campers entering 4th and 5th grade) unite each day for opening and closing ceremonies, spirit competitions, Friday Special events and tons of camp fun.

Mix and Match

Campers enjoy selecting a variety of General, Specialty and Sports Camps, led by industry experts, to build their ideal summer. All camp groups rally around building an emotionally safe community in which campers are comfortable and confident with themselves, their leaders and their peer groups.


Master Campers can choose between LINX and LX programs. LINX options offer 3 out of 6 periods within one's specialty of choice while LX offers 5 out of 6 periods of intense instruction.


While campers mix and match programs, they thrive in a structured setting complete with a consistent swim program, daily routines, schedules and small groups!

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