Elite (9th - 10th Grade)

You are now part of a tradition of excellence and ready to receive the training needed to prepare you for high school and beyond! Join one of our many Counselor in Training programs and learn from the best this summer. This multi-week program is packed with the training tools we provide to our award-winning counselors.

CIT Program Overview

Our multi-week Elite programs match the depth high school-aged campers want in their experiences. Counselor in Training prepares rising 9th and 10th grade campers to lead and gives them in-the-field training. The CIT Program is designed for the 'best of the best' . . . young adults who are leaders who welcome challenges. CITs must be great with kids, have tons of energy, be willing to work hard and like to have fun themselves.

CIT Options

In addition to their 1 week mandatory training, CIT's have the option to join the following groups:

  • General
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Flag Football
  • Tennis
  • Dance
  • Science
  • Adventure
  • All Star Sports

Future Employment Opportunities

Campers who have completed the CIT Program may be eligible to apply for a staff position at LINX Camps as rising 11th graders. Typically applicants must be entering 12th grade or college to work at LINX Camps.

All Camp Availability