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Outward Adventures Camp


We're talking heart-pumping camp survival skills education! Outward Adventures campers take it to the extreme with a curriculum designed and developed by former Marine Captains, scout experts and veteran camp counselors. This program is perfect for boy scouts, girls scouts, or children who simply love the outdoors and adventure.

Typical Day

Adventures Include:
  • Archery
  • Base-camp prep
  • Boar hunt
  • Camouflage
  • Fire making
  • GPS Navigation
  • Map & Compass
  • Obstacle courses
  • Snare traps
  • Survival skills
  • Wilderness hikes

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Outward Adventures Camp Rookies (2nd-3rd)Dana Hall
Outward Adventures Camp Masters (4th-5th)Dana Hall
Outward Adventures Camp Legends (6th-8th)Dana Hall


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Who Done It Camp
I was already blown away last year about the many little details you thought about in the camp set-up and execution. But you topped it this year in every aspect: camp communication (from the notes I get from the nurse to the new lost & found page) to the things you do in camp (Sonic Boom, the golden slice of pizza) to the logistics (I have never seen a more efficient pick-up process). [W]hat you have buil[t] over the last 7 years is astounding. And being a business owner myself, knowing how much hard work, perseverance, patience, risk taking and passion go into an endeavor like this, I tip my hat.

   - M.C., Wellesley Parent

[My son] had a fantastic week! He did learn a lot and came home every day full of stories about all the stuff he learned. Last night he spent the whole evening making himself a handmade bow and arrow! Thanks also to Kelly who kindly performed a swimming test so that [he] can sail later this summer. That was above and beyond!

   - J.H., Newton Parent

Hello, This is my son's 3rd summer at Linx. He just finished up 2 weeks of OA with Chris D. and will begin 2 weeks of theatre camp with Mr. Todd on Monday. He's had a fabulous 2 weeks at OA and I want to tell you why. In 2 words: Chris Dumais. Chris has created a culture at OA that espouses all the right things in my opinion; hard work, teamwork, acknowledgement of good listening and good leadership, fairness and fun. Chris is energetic and infectiously enthusiastic, knowledgeable about the outdoors and really really fun. But that there's something ever more important than that. He made my son feel important and special and most importantly, acknowledged and praised my kid's teamwork attitude, respectful behavior and his willingness to just always be a good kid. Too often in too many dynamics, from classrooms to camp groups to after school classes, there are those few kids who seek attention (intentionally or unintentionally) in a negative way or don't listen to the teachers/counselors who end up usurping a disproportionate amount of attention from the counselor/teacher. And I have to say, that was not at all the impression I got with OA under Chris's leadership. And exceedingly more importantly, that was not at all the impression or experience my son had. Each day after OA, my son had a dozen stories to share with us and new skills to teach his little sister. He spoke excitedly of Chris and Sean everyday. He was happy each day. My son says he's ready for OA for next summer and today when I picked him up he said, "I'm really really hot and so glad to be in a/c but I am kinda sad because OA is over and I'll miss it". Boom. What else could any mom ask for from their kid's camp? Stay cool:)

   - A.L., Weston, MA

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