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LX Theater Camp

2019 Theater Camp Performances

SESSION 1: June 24th + July 1st: Swiss Family Robinson

SESSION 2: July 8th + July 15th: The Little Mermaid Returns

SESSION 3: July 22nd + July 29th: Anne of Green Gables

SESSION 4: August 5th + August 12th: A Camper in King Arthur's Court


Spectacular original shows and lots of fun for the audience and the players!

At LX Theater Camp, our goal is to provide training, theatrical education and creative encouragement while building campers' confidence. Campers develop characters, learn songs and choreography, and enhance projection and stage presence, using memorization and imagination as tools to begin the journey. Our campers are also provided with intensives in theatrical elements outside of the show such as make-up, stage combat, vocal training, improvisation, etc.  Costumes, sets and props are designed and built by campers in each 2-week session.

Scripts provide the spark for a great learning experience! History and storytelling are explored by our campers, with a focus on what might be changed or enhanced for dramatic effect. Our phenomenal LX Theater Camp staff create an environment where campers are able to comfortably experiment and explore the world of theater, resulting in measurable growth over the course of the 2 week session.


Masters and Legends are assigned to groups based on their grade level, but may be combined based on the show and registration for a given session. Our campers are challenged, and trained, on how to excel to the next level of performing. Campers enjoy 4 - 5 periods per day dedicated to producing their big show, and additional training focused on developing creativity and confidence.

Campers who are not currently enrolled in a LINX Theater class are encouraged to enroll in a program prior to the start of summer. Campers who are new to LINX and cannot enroll in a class during the school year may register for camp as well.  These campers are invited to a group audition to determine their comfort and skill level.  This allows the LX Theater team to make good cast match ups to maximize learning and to have balanced performances.

The Final Show

  • Each 2 week session culminates in the production of a "Final Show".
  • A fun and interactive way to strengthen creativity and confidence.
  • An absence of "lead" roles puts all players on an equal level.
  • An entertaining experience for our Camp Families!

Each two-week theater camp program ends with a final production performed in front of a live camp audience. Parents and family members are welcome to attend. Shows are held on the second Friday of the two-week program and typically some time between 9:30 - 1:30 depending on the week and program. Specific times are shared with parents when camp begins.

Typical Day (Is there such a thing?)

This performing arts camp takes place at Dana Hall. Campers are challenged with 5 periods of theatrical training.

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LX Performing Arts Camp: Theater Masters (4th-5th)Dana Hall
LX Performing Arts Camp: Theater Legends (6th-8th)Dana Hall


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