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Liberty Camp


Give Campers the "Liberty" to Choose!

Liberty Camp, our most popular full day camp, is deeply rooted in LINX Camps traditions and caters to campers entering 2nd - 8th grade who are looking for an unforgettable, traditional day camp experience.

Liberty Campers are placed in age appropriate camper groups. They begin each day with camp-wide opening ceremonies and end each day with spirit and song competitions, skits, and camper/counselor challenges as part of our camp-wide closing ceremonies.

Whether chanting for a "squasher", searching for the "missing link", competing for "GSOP"(the Golden Slice of Pizza), or getting amped up for the Eagle Games, our small camper groups are always focused on the shared community values of kindness, respect and spirit!

Each day offers Liberty Campers a varied schedule including a wide array of traditional camp activities like crafts, water games, soccer, softball, volleyball, theatrical arts, team building!

Typical Day

Days at LINX Camps are typically spent laughing and learning with friends! Liberty Camp includes two pre-scheduled traditional camp activity periods, a lunch period, optional free swim and two self-selected afternoon Liberty Periods.

Liberty Campers also have the opportunity to interact with non-liberty camp friends during opening and closing ceremonies, as well as lunch. Our popular camp-wide activities help us to build a sense of camp community.


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