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Spy Camp 2


Spy Camp 2 packs a lot of action into one of our most popular day camps, designed especially for rising 4th – 8th graders who dream of top-secret missions and uncovering clues to discover secrets like a real spy! Campers weave through laser mazes, create diversions to escape close encounters, develop secret identities, and most importantly learn to work as a team. It’s the best combination of high tech spy missions with traditional camp activities!

Spy challenges feature Escape Rooms, equipped with “pretend” locked doors for kids to safely explore “illusion vs reality” in the DoJo, an incredible escape from Victor Tango’s office, a secret computer to break DaVinci’s Code, Laser tag in the Rat Maze, and more!

Spy campers will be challenged to “stay in character,” while using covert messaging (black light paint and lemon juice to write and send messages without being caught). They will learn how to use science to create a diversion and or to slow down their enemies! In preparation for their end of week mission, campers will learn how to use:

  • Laser Scopes
  • Endoscope (to see around and through walls and ceilings)
  • Enhanced listening apparatuses
  • Air Pressure Diversion Blasters
  • Martial Arts Training
  • Night Vision Training
  • Trap Doors, Booby Traps, Trip Wires and more

Spy Camp is not a prerequisite for Spy Camp 2.

While there are a variety of high tech missions throughout Spy camp, some elements of training remain the same from week to week for campers who enjoy fine-tuning their spy skills with multiple sessions. For more extreme fun and mind-bending adventure, try pairing this camp with some of our other thought provoking day camp programs that test knowledge and skill!

Whodunnit Camp

Myth Crushers!

Spy Camp

Typical Day

Each day your spy camper will enjoy 3 periods of high tech top secret mission work, a period for lunch, a period for free swim and swim lessons from trained LINX Swim Instructors who implement our safe, fun-based, non-stress approach to teaching (4 times a week) and one period of a traditional outdoor camp activity. Campers take part in exciting opening and closing ceremonies with other LINX Campers, and there is a camp wide special event every Friday!

Campers meet at the Dana Hall Campus and travel to the Spy Zone at our Linden Street location after opening ceremonies and then return to Dana Hall for closing ceremonies.


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Camp Campus Jul
Spy Adventure Camp II Masters (4th - 5th)Linden    
Spy Adventure Camp II Legends (6th - 8th)Linden     
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