Coding Cadets Camp


LINX Coding Cadets Camp mimics a software development company where the campers participate in project based experiences. Everyday the "Boss" shares new requirements that need to be implemented. Every day the campers add new features to their projects. By the end of the week campers have a finished product.

Website development languages taught:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

For more challenging projects:

  • Python

Skills taught:

  • Logic/Program Flow
  • If/else/else if
  • While/for/for each loops
  • Switch/case
  • Int vs. boolean vs. floating point
  • Software development cycle
  • Key programming concepts

Software development cycle:

  • Waterfall modal
  • Key programming concepts:

    • Object oriented design (classes, interfaces, inheritance, etc..)
    • Polymorphism

    Typical Day

    Coding Cadet campers enjoy 3 specialty periods, a lunch period, swim lessons (including Red Cross Certified swim instruction) including free swim four times a week, and a bonus camp activity period.

    2018 Pricing will be released soon!


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