Swimming at LINX Camps & LX Camps

LINX Camps & LX Camps offer a superior swim program for our campers, led by carefully selected Red Cross Certified Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors.  See the chart below for details.

  • Our LINX fun-based learning philosophy helps campers have a blast while increasing their comfort-level in the water and developing swim skills.
  • For campers getting lessons (see chart below) - parents complete an online assessment form to establish initial placements of campers in their swim groups.  Then our team of experts assess each campers' skill level and place them in the appropriate groups over time.
  • Junior campers may use swim platforms to ensure a safe and appropriate height when in the water.
  • Junior camper's lifeguards are in the water with the campers during lessons AND free swim.  
  • Campers are divided into skill-appropriate swim groups (see chart) based on their skill level.
  • If you want your child to receive lessons and according to the chart above they will not get lessons you can switch to Freedom Camp or choose Extended Day Swim Lessons

buddies swim
  General Camps Sports Camps Specialty Camps LX Sports
Pee Wees Lessons & Free Swim N/A N/A N/A
Minors (K-1st) Lessons & Free Swim Lessons & Free Swim Lessons & Free Swim N/A
Rookies (2nd - 3rd) Lessons & Free Swim Lessons & Free Swim Lessons & Free Swim N/A
Masters (4th-5th) Lessons & Free Swim Lessons & Free Swim Lessons & Free Swim Optional Free Swim
Legends (6th - 8th) Lessons & Free Swim Free Swim (2x per week) Free Swim (2x per week) Optional Free Swim
Lessons and Free Swim are provided 4 days per week and sometimes on Fridays depending on Special Event schedules.LOCATIONS: Swim is available as indicated below when camps are provided at the Dana Hall Campus, but when at our Boston College Connors Center we substitute water games for swim on hot days (no pool activities for those weeks, unless otherwise noted)

Swimming at our Dana Hall Campus:

Campers enjoy swimming in the 6,500 square foot Aquatics Center at Dana Hall, featuring a 25-yard, six-lane pool for recreational and competitive swimming.

We use LINX safety rated submerged docks for our youngest campers so they can stand during instruction!   

Boys and girls locker rooms are available for changing and storing camper belongings.


While our staff is certified and trained to work with all swim levels, they are truly gifted when it comes to working with PeeWees (3 - 5 years) and Minors (K - 1st Grade).  Their nurturing approach is comforting to campers who are encouraged to participate and play.  Practicing and teaching water safety is the top priority at all times.  We maintain one swim instructor for every five swimmers. Additionally, counselors join their campers in the water, or pool side to help maintain an even greater level of supervision. Swim staff remain in the water during lessons and free swim to ensure each campers safety as they always remain alert and within arms reach of their swimmers. We train our counselors to think and care for campers like parents!

Extra Swim Lessons

Campers registered for Extended Day receive extra free swim! Choose Extended Day with Swim Instruction for an additional 30 minutes of swim lessons each day.

*  Campers typically swim 4 - 5 days per week subject to the scheduling of our camp special events.