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LINX Camps Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We're thinking of signing up for the LINX Camps Bus or we are signed up for the bus. Where can we see the bus stops, bus schedules, pricing information, safety information, and have all of our Bus questions answered?

Q: If I have more than one child registered for camp, do I get to combine their camp weeks for a bigger discount?

  • Yes! Your "per week" price for camp is determined by the TOTAL number of weeks your family signs up for camp (ie. 2 children for 4 weeks each = 8 week pricing!).

Q: Can I sign up for a week of camp at the beginning of the summer and a week of camp at the end of the summer?

  • Absolutely! You can sign up for any or all weeks of camp. Select the weeks that work best for your family. Please note that LINX Theater Camp and LX Performing Arts Camp with a Theater Major require that you sign up for a 2 week session.

Q: Can I select different programs for my children during the summer?

Q: I want my child to have a well rounded camp experience, but he loves soccer. What do you recommend?

  • Campers who choose one of our LINX Specialty Camps or LINX Sports Camps have a traditional summer camp experience with 50% of their day dedicated to the specialty or sport of choice, plus swimming, lunch and other camp-wide activities. This ensures campers a well-rounded experience.

  • For campers looking for a more intense sports training experience, explore LX Sports Camps, where campers spend 85% of their day dedicated to sports training.

  • For campers looking for a more intense performing arts experience, explore LX Performing Arts Camps, where campers spend 85% of their day dedicated to their Major and Minor areas of study.

Q: What is the difference between Discovery Grove at Mass Hort Elm Bank and Fun Bunch/Explorers Camp at Dana Hall?

  • Discovery Grove at Mass Hort Elm Bank is a nature and science based camp for 3-6 year olds. They will have active games while the focus is on outdoor exploration. Explorers/Fun Bunch Camps at Dana Hall are more general camps based on sports and traditional camp games. All campers have swim at their respective locations. 1/2 day and full day option available at both campuses.

Q: What are your ratios at camp and during swimming?

  • 1 to 5 ratio (1 to 4 at swimming for 3 and 4 year old campers)

Q: I heard LINX Camps only has one swim period, why is that?

  • LINX Camps has studied swim periods very closely and determined that two swim periods a day equals more time changing clothes and less time actually swimming. Each camper receives a true 30 minute Red Cross instructional swim period and the balance of the hour long swim period is for free swim.

Q: Is the pool heated?

  • Yes! All pools at both our Dana Hall Campus and our Mass Hort Elm Bank Campus are heated.

Q: Can my little one stand in the pool?

  • Yes! At our Dana Hall campus, younger campers swim in the shallow end of the pool and use floating teaching platforms as necessary and beneficial. At our Mass Hort Elm Bank campus we have shallow depth pools that enable our youngest campers to stand comfortably while receiving swim instruction and playing during free swim.

Q: Does my child have to swim?

  • No, that's your decision. We will communicate with you at home if your child doesn't wish to swim. We will do our best to encourage them unless you tell us you do not want them to swim. Campers who do not swim will be at the pools with their group, but will be supervised by another instructor on the pool deck or in the oasis.

Q: Do 3 and 4 year olds actually get "free" swim? What if they don't know how to swim?

  • Free swim is as heavily guarded as the swim instruction period. Our instructors and lifeguards stay in the water during the entire time the campers are in the water. Campers' counselors are also in the water to ensure safety while additional guards serve as look outs. Our youngest campers are never in the water unattended.

Q: Do you have a Visitor's Day?

  • Every day is Visitor's Day! If your child(ren) is/are at camp, you are welcome to come and visit. We ask that you check in at the office, show identification, and then we will take you to your child. Stay as long as you like.

Q: Do you offer Financial Aid?

  • ​Yes, LINX Camps offers financial aid for families in need. Please fill out the form to apply for financial aid assistance. LINX Foundation

At The LINX Companies, it is our goal to provide you with the most complete, accurate and up-to-date information at all times. If you have a question that was not answered above, please fill out and submit the form below OR call us at 781-235-3210. Thank you!



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