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LINX Camps Frequently Asked Questions

Is LINX Camps a traditional camp?

LINX Camps proudly offer a traditional day camp experience for the entire family! We have many rituals and traditions that unite the entire community as one. We are often compared to a sleepaway camp that has the children go home each day.  

What are the hours of camp?

Our full day camps run from 9am-4pm. Our half day camps run from 9am-1pm. We also have early drop off available at 8am and extended day for our full day campers through 6pm.

Should I pack a snack?

You do not need to pack a snack! We offer the campers goldfish in the mornings and a LINXicle (Flavor Ice popsicle) in the afternoon.

What is the LINX Camps tax id (EIN) number?

Our tax id (EIN) number is 20-3371174. You can also always find our tax id (EIN) number on the bottom of your statement.

Is LINX Camps a good fit for all my children?

LINX Camps offer a wide array of program options to meet the growing needs and interests of every member of your family.  Each child can explore his/her personal interests under the direction of expert counselors, while enjoying a communal camp experience. Campers unite for opening and closing ceremonies, dine together and enjoy fun Friday Special Events that bring the entire family together. A family of four can easily have each child in a different program, while the campers come home with the same hysterical stories about what happened throughout the days and weeks.  

How does having your own vocabulary help make your camp special?

Imagine a world were GSOP, JABAMALA, MISSING LINK, HYDROMAN and CLICK CLACK mean something.  Having a common vocabulary and camp traditions define a camp experience. These words (and more!) become part of every camper's experience, adding to the magic and uniting the camper as a larger camp community.

Who are the LINX Camps Counselors and who hires and trains them?

LINX Camps is comprised of the best of the best within youth services industries.  Unique to LINX Camps, over 30 school-year team members work in the summer as directors, coordinators and counselors.  This gives LINX a true advantage as they are able to train their core team for 12 months instead of just a few weekends. The rest of the staff is comprised mostly of teachers and college students who are training to become teachers.  Each person must meet with Executive Director, Josh Schiering, who is a proud dad of four children who also attend the camp.  Josh prides himself on only hiring those he would trust to work with his own children.  He receives over 500 applications per year and only selects the top 8-9% to join the LINX Camps team.  

Why do you think LINX Camps was voted the #1 Day Camp in Massachusetts?

Executive Director, Josh Schiering shares, "I believe there are several factors that went into our receiving this high level of recognition. Our philosophy on camping and customer service, our priority of putting campers first every day, our unique approach to building positive group dynamics and a community, our zero tolerance for any acts of meanness, our hand-selected staff that embraces and embodies our philosophy day in and day out, our unique blend of over 30 premier camps designed to meet the needs of every family member while providing a traditional camp experience, our open communication with our parents, the way we react and appreciate feedback from staff, campers and parents, and our thirst and drive to improve and innovate.  All of these factors and more go into our job every day.  Being named the #1 Day Camp in Massachusetts is certainly an honor and we are proud to have received this designation.  Our goal has never changed; it's to be the best day camp in the world for those we serve.  We thank each and every member of our team, our campers and our families for believing in us and helping us become the best!" 

What are the differences among the three types of Dance Camps you offer?

Recreational Dance Camp:  

  • Campers enjoy 3 out of 6 periods a day of fun dance training. Training is technical and fun. These campers also enjoy a full period of swim (lessons and free swim), lunch and a bonus camp period reserved for traditional camp games. These campers also enjoy joining the rest of the camp for opening and closing ceremonies and have a blast with the camp-wide Friday Special Events! Campers are divided by age, not skill.

LX Dance Camp: 

  • Campers participate in 5 out of 6 periods of technique-enhancing dance instruction. They rotate among different Master instructors and receive training in ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, modern and chorreography. Campers get a period for lunch and an optional daily free swim period. Campers are divided by skill, not age. These campers are not part of the larger camp community and have separate opening and closing ceremonies.

Dance Camp Intensives:  

  • This is an audition-based program and reserved for those wanting an intense dance training experience. Dancers receive Master Level technique training from expert instructors in ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, modern and chorreography. Dancers are divided by skill, not age. No opening and closing ceremonies.
What is the difference between your 2 types of theater camps?

LINX Theater:

  • Campers enjoy 3 out of 6 periods immersed in a wonderful world of theater training and development. The periods are spent developing each child's performance talents as well as preparing for the show. The rest of the 3 periods each day consist of a period for lunch, a period for swim (lessons and free swim) and a bonus period (something campy and fun!). LINX Performers also enjoy joining the general camp for opening and closing ceremonies and the Friday Special Events!

LX Theater Camps:

  • LX Theater Campers spend 5 out of 6 periods per day within their craft and study theater development while also preparing for a show.  The LINX Theater Campers join the LX Campers for their 3 periods of training, while the LX Campers get the two extra periods of training. These campers have the option of joining the campwide opening and closing ceremonies and Friday Special Event.
What is the difference between LINX Sports Camps and LX Sports Camps?


  • Campers enjoy 3 out of 6 periods training within their chosen sport (they join the LX Sports campers for these 3 periods as appropriate by age). There is a period for lunch, a period for swim (lessons and free swim) and a bonus period (traditional camp games such as capture the flag, dodgeball, etc.). These LINX Campers also participate in the general camp opening and closing ceremonies and enjoy the campwide Friday Special Events. The level of intensity within their training is the same as LX (LX has 5 periods of training and LINX provides 3).


  • Campers are immersed in an intense sports development training program. 5 out of 6 periods are spent training and developing skills and technique. Campers receive a lunch period and a daily optional free swim period. LX Campers have separate opening and closing ceremonies that center around athleticism. Every Friday, the campers are divided into 3 teams (red, white and blue) and work hard to earn their team the Victory Cup (these campers have separate ceremonies and Friday events from the general camp program).


  • These campers receive 4 out of 6 periods within a wide array of sports (Basketball, Baseball, Flag Football, Lacrosse, Soccer and Street Hockey).  They receive a period for lunch and swim period (lessons and free swim).  They are part of the general camp's opening and closing ceremonies and camp-wide Friday Special Events. 
What is the LX Combine and how do you use it to make my child a better athlete?

The LINX and LX Combines are used to establish a baseline for each athlete's skill level.  We then use the results to define measurable and attainable goals for each LINX/LX athlete.  

Benefits to the athletes:

  • They see where they are relative to fellow campers in the same grade
  • They can revise and set goals from where they are to where they are looking to go
  • They can set off-season accountability and motivation for off-season training
  • Parents are provided with progress reports to further support each athletes goals
Can you explain how your general camp works?

Our general camp is called FREEDOM CAMP becuase it gives campers the freedom to choose some of their daily activities.  In a 6 period day, the program directors have carefully selected 4 out of the 6 activity periods that make up the Freedom Campers' mornings and early afternoons.  Those four periods include lunch, swim (lessons and free swim) and a variety of other activities throughout that week that include boating, fishing, archery, rock climbing, crafts, sports and more!  The campers meet with their counselors and select their two freedom choice periods each day (selections can be made as individuals or with clusters of friends - the offerings change from day to day to meet the needs of the groups).

Can you tell me about a young camper's day?

Our younger campers (Juniors) are ages 3-4 (PeeWees) and 5-6 (Minors). They arrive at camp and are escorted to the Junior Flats (an area where we assemble as a division for opening and closing ceremonies, attendance and fun activities).  Campers enjoy a varied schedule based on the program in which they are enrolled.

What Specialty and Sports Camps are availabe to Junior Campers?

We offer a variety of specialty and sports campers for Minors (K - rising 1st graders)

  • Arts and Crafts Camp
  • Dance Camp
  • Theater Camp
  • Science Camp
  • Gardening Camp
  • All Star Sports
  • Flag Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
What activities do half day campers get?

Half Day Campers (FUN BUNCH) get swimming (lessons and free swim), lunch, and two additional activity periods before getting picked up at 1PM.  The additional activities range from a wide variety of sports, parachute games, story time, dramatic play, music and movement, science and nature, and more!  Weekly schedules are made available online.

Who are the counselors for the youngest campers and what are your ratios?

LINX Camps maintains a 1 to 5 counselor to camper ratio or better.  We assign a head counselor and assistant to each group of approximately 10 campers.  Throughout the day, that group is joined by additional counselors for select activities (crafts, music, science, sports, etc.) Head Counselors and Specialists are typically teachers dedicated to working with our youngest campers.  Assistants are typically college students who are carefully selected, well trained and dedicated to helping campers thrive all summer long.

How many weeks does the average camper attend LINX camps?

The average camper is with LINX Camps for 6 weeks each summer. Of course many do all 13 weeks and some do 1 or 2, but the average is 6.  By offering one-week sessions and so many different programs, campers can come and go as needed to accommodate family vacation schedules. 

Is there continuity between programs and weeks?  What if we do 4 different LINX Camps spanning 8 weeks of summer?

LINX was designed to maintain continuity so campers can come and go as needed. Our staff is trained to maintain consistent standards of behavioral exellence regardless of the program. Your child's swim records also travel with them from week to week. The routine of structure within the days and week is similar so campers feel at home and are comforted by knowing what to expect!

Will my camper's counselors change from week to week if they sign up for the same program for several weeks?

We review the number of weeks and types of programs each camper is registered for and match the campers up with campers doing similarly. We then match them up with counselros to provide them with as much continuity as possible.

Can my child be in the same group as his/her friend?

If your child and his/her friend are coming for the same weeks and are enrolled in the same type/age camp, then simply complete the online Friend Request form within your online camp forms (required before the start of camp). 

Will I ever hear about my child's day from his/her counselors?

You are provided with access to your child's camp schedule.  We encourage you to use that schedule as a conversation starter.  Ask you child about specific activities and events that happened!  In addition, you will receive an end of week update from your child's counselor letting you know how he/she is doing and more specifics about your child's experience in camp!  Feel free to email back or give us a call!

Why does LINX Camps offer 1-week sessions?

We offer one-week sessions to accommodate your family's vacation schedules and to allow campers to explore all the programs we have to offer!  Depending on your interest, you can certainly stay with one program area for multiple weeks at a time or mix it up!

Do you mix age groups?

LINX Camps typically only has one to two ages groups together at one time (3 and 4 year olds, 5 and 6 year olds, 2nd and 3rd graders, 4th and 5th, 6th - 8th, etc.).  In some rare instances, we might combine these age groups to allow for a larger group experience.  If we ever do combine, we are mindful of maturity and ability and factor that into the lesson plans.

Does the program differ for younger campers?

All programs are designed to meet the needs of appropriate ages and skill level.  Our youngest campers are provided with age-appropriate equipment and lessons as are our older campers.  The programs advance with age and ability.

How does drop off and pick up work?

Your family will be given access to print an AD Card (arrival and dismissal) to keep on your dash and to give to those authorized to pick up.  We have 8 different carlines on campus (signs and staff direct you where to go).  The system in place is safe, fast and very efficient!  Parents are in and out quicker than you can imagine!

What if my camper takes the bus?

Campers are encouraged to take the one of the 9 buses we have that serve over 15 towns with convenient locations to get to and from camp.  Camper Families will receive an AD Card for ID purposes. Trained LINX Counselors will be there every step of the way to ensure your child gets on and off the bus and is delivered to an authorized adult each day.  Bus rides are safe, fun and spirited - a true extension of the camp day!

Do you require seatbelts to be worn on the bus?

The Commonwealth of MA does not require all buses to have seatbelts. However, LINX Camps only uses buses that have seatbelts.  That said, campers are not required to fasten seatbelts as buses have been designed (high foam seatbacks) to protect campers at all times.  If you would like to require that your child be seatbelted, please make a note of that at the time you complete your online camp forms.

Can my child walk to and from camp? How about the bus stop?

You are definitely welcome to provide permission for your child to walk to and from camp or his/her bus stop. To do so, please click the appropriate links below. You will need to send us a copy (via fax, email or in person) of the signed form.
Permission to walk to/from camp
Permission to walk to/from bus stop

How long is the wait in your carline?

Our carlines are streamlined and very efficient.  Wait times are less than 15 minutes and typially less than 5 to 10 minutes!

How do you assure my child only goes home with an authorized adult?

AD Cards serve as your authorized ID at camp.  Only give AD Cards to those you approve to pick up your child (AD = Arrival and Dismissal).  Our staff members are equipped with iDevices and tapped into our custom database so they can also easily access your account to see who is authorized to pick up!

My kids are 3 years apart in age. Will they see each other at camp?

Family campers may see each other throughout the camp day. Their lunch and swim periods may overlap, but for the most part, they follow their own schedule and group leaders. Family members are typically reunited at the end of the day when they get into their pick up lines and participate in some fun camp antics!  The stories, camp traditions and rituals will be shared by all campers.  

My older child does not want to go to the same camp as his/her younger sibling!

Executive Director Josh Schiering shares, "As the dad of 4 kids, it was important to me to help create a camp that all my children could attend. The programs and physical layout allow each child to explore his/her own interests and passions, to make his/her own set of friends and have a unique camp experience while still sharing in the same camp rituals and traditions.  I love gathering around the dinner table and hearing them have common stories about camp, while they also have found their own niche and circle of friends.  It truly is a perfect camp experience they can enjoy as individuals and as a family!"

Do my kids get to choose their activities?

Freedom Campers get 2 daily choice periods.  Freedom Camp is available for campers entering 2nd grade through 8th grade.

What if my child decides they do not like the camp they selected? Can they switch into another program being offered?

We are happy to accommodate switches based on availability. Please never hesitate to contact us with any issues or concerns.  We have found that most issues can easily be fixed and resolved in the moment! Call the office and ask to speak with a director at 781-235-3210.

What do I do if my child is going to be absent or needs to leave early or arrive late?

Contact the camp office via email or phone (781) 235-3210.

How do you handle bullying behavior?

Executive Director Josh Schiering shares, "We proudly maintain a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any acts of meanness, cruelty or bullying of any kind." LINX Camps works to build positive group dynamics that ensure all campers are in an emotionally safe place and that they are surrounded by caring and inclusive staff and campers.  If bullying behavior does show up in camp, the staff members act swiftly and remove the aggressor and work with parents to address the issue immediately.  In the event a parent learns of a problem within a group, we strongly advise that you call the camp office immediately so it can be addressed.  Our staff members work to build trusting relationships with each camper so the campers know they can count on the staff to be there for them as needed.  

Josh Schiering trains the staff to know, "We will remove 10 campers from a group by our choosing, before we will lose a single camper by his/her choosing when it comes to negative behavior affecting the group or individual."  All staff members know we are serious about positive character development!

What do the counselors do to make sure my child makes friends and has a good experience?

Each counselor is trained extensively to help campers feel right at home and make friends.  From ice-breakers and getting to know you games on every Monday to buddying campers up throughout the week, the campers can't help but get to know and appreciate each other for their differences and similarities.  We can often make play date suggestions as we work to facilitate the bonds of friendship each and every day!

Can I add the lunch plan mid-week if my child decides he/she wants it?

In order to be on the LINX lunch plan, you must sign up in advance and for the entire week. 

Are you nut-free and what do you do if a child brings in nuts?

LINX Camps is a nut-free facility.  Campers are not required to be on the meal plan and may bring in their own lunch.  No one is allowed to share food and absolutely no nuts are allowed in camp (that includes foods that may have been processed in a factory that contains nuts).  Our staff is very vigilant and we confiscate all nut products should they arrive to camp and notify parents immediately.  

My child requires an EpiPen for allergies.  Will it travel with my child?

Campers with EpiPens must first have their EpiPens arrive through the camp nurse.  Epis ust be in the original container and have the prescription label on the packaging.  Then, the Epi is given to the child's counselor and it travels with the counselor at all times.  Should the child change activities throughout the day, the Epi travels with whichever counselor is responsible for the camper at any given time!

How do I reach the camp office or my child's counselor?

781-235-3210 or information@linxcamps.com

Do we need sunscreen?

Please send your camper in with a bottle of labeled sunscreen (bottles of lotion are preferred for campers under the age of 10.  Campers 11 and older may use spray).

What if my child swims 1st or 2nd period? Does he/she need sunscreen?

Please do NOT apply sunscreen if you learn that your child swims first or second period.  All campers take a cleansing shower before swim to help maintain good water chemistry and clarity and those campers will not have enough sun exposure to warrant sunscreen. 

Do counselors make sure campers reapply sunscreen?

Counselors are trained and required to help campers reapply sunscreen at 10:30, 12:30 and 2:30 daily!

Are campers encouraged to use the bathroom before swimming?

Our goal is to have campers swimming during their swim period so we require all campers to try to go to the bathroom before going swimming.  Counselors are available to take campers to the bathroom as needed during the swim period.  Please encourage your little ones to ask their counselors to go to the bathroom as needed, and to never have a "potty accident" in the pool as that may shut down the pool for chemical rebalancing.

Do you require campers to be potty trained?  Are swim diapers allowed?

All campers must be potty trained prior to the start of their camp experience at LINX.  Swim diapers are an indicator that a camper is ALMOST fully potty trained - BUT THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED in our pool.

Do you conduct swim tests to determine swim levels?

We conduct swim assessments on their first day of camp and after a camper returns to us after being away for more than a week.  We rely on parent's swim assessment forms (completed by parents prior to camp) to establish the initial placement of each camper.  As campers progress (at their pace), we are able to move them up to the next level!

Are campers supervised in the locker rooms?

Campers are supervised at all times to ensure our behavior standards are maintained at all times.  Counselors are always available to campers in the event they need help!

Do I get updated on my child's swim progress?

Swim progress reports are emailed to parents weekly (as well as an email from group leaders).

Is the pool heated?


Can my little one stand in the pool?

Yes! Younger campers swim in the shallow end of the pool and use teaching platforms as necessary.

Does my child have to swim?

That's up to you! We will communicate with you at home if your child doesn't wish to swim. We will do our best to encourage him/her unless you tell us you do not want him/her to swim. Campers who do not swim will be at the pools with their group, but will be supervised by another instructor on the pool deck.

Do 3 and 4 year olds actually get "free" swim? What if they don't know how to swim?

Free swim is as heavily guarded as the swim instruction period. Our instructors and lifeguards stay in the water during the entire time the campers are in the water. Additional guards serve as look outs. Our youngest campers are never in the water unattended.

What are your ratios at camp and during swimming?

1 to 5 ratio (1 to 4 at swimming for 3 and 4 year old campers)

How does your pricing work?

We take the total number of camper weeks your family is registered for and give you a group discount based on current promotions and rate packages.  EXAMPLE: 2 children attending 4 weeks each - this family gets the 8-week discounted rate being offered at the time of registration.

Do you offer financial aid?

The LINX Camps Scholarship Committee has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships since the camp opened in 2008.  With a growing number of requests for aid, the committee is limited in what it can provide each year and offers need-based scholarships.  

To apply, please visit: 



At The LINX Companies, it is our goal to provide you with the most complete, accurate and up-to-date information at all times. If you have a question that was not answered above, please fill out and submit the form below OR call us at 781-235-3210. Thank you!


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