Minors (K - 1st Grade)

Welcome to the Minors, an amazing program designed for campers entering Kindergarten through 1st grade. Our Minor Campers are surrounded by a nurturing and caring team of youth service professionals while they become part of our larger camp community. Programs and activities are designed by our Junior Camp Director, Jen Downin (former pre-school owner/director and proud mom of five) and team of camp experts.

Ratios and Group Size

Each group, of no more than 12 campers, is led by experienced Head Counselors specializing in early education. We maintain a 1-to-5 counselor-to-camper ratio throughout the day. Small camper groups ensure that all campers receive individual attention which helps them make connections with their peers and counselors.


Minors have a world of opportunities to explore! Campers can choose a full day or half day General Camp, or a variety of full day Specialty and Sports Camps. Most Minors attend LINX Camps for multiple weeks throughout the summer. Some campers stick with one camp all summer long, while others mix and match to make their dream summer come true!

All Camp Availability