Camps for Legends (6th - 8th Grade)

Welcome to the stuff LINX Legends are made of!... LINX and LX Legends can choose the traditional Freedom Camp and get access to Archery, Boating, Rock Climbing and daily choice periods or select a weeks of LINX or LX Sports or Specialty Camps.

Select between the LINX and LX programs based on how intense a program you are looking for. LINX Sports and Specialty Campers spend 50% of their day within their programs and spend the rest of their day as part of a traditional camp experience. The LX Campers spend 5 out of 6 periods immersed within their sport or specialty. Training periods overlap for LINX Campers so training is just as intense in both programs, but LX Campers get more periods of training and development and separate opening and closing ceremonies.

Choose the programs that are best for your children. Mix-and-match weeks and explore all the programs.

  • LINX General Camps: 4 pre-set periods and 2 "camper-choice" periods each day.
  • LINX Specialty Camps: 3 out of 6 periods a day are spent within the specialty.
  • LX Dance and Theater: 5 out of 6 periods are spent within the specialty.
  • LINX Sports Camps: 3 out of 6 periods a day spent within the sport
  • LX Sports Camps: 5 out of 6 periods are spent within the sport


Adventure CAMPS

Leadership Camps

Performing Arts Camps