LINX Camps Bus Information

Summer 2021

Arrive Early: Please plan to arrive to your bus stop 10 minutes early each day, both in the morning to drop off your child(ren) and in the afternoon to pick up your child(ren). Your promptness ensures efficiency and timeliness for all of our camp families.

Pick Up Card: BRING YOUR PICK UP CARD EACH DAY - IT IS REQUIRED! Your Pick Up Card serves as your identification, and you should have it present both when dropping your child(ren) off for the bus and when picking your child(ren) up from the bus. Even though you might get to know your child(ren)'s Bus Captain over time, we ask that you present your pick-up card each day. To print your pick up card, visit the Camp Families page.

Staying on Schedule: Drop-off and pick-up times are target times and subject to change based on traffic conditions. Buses will not leave prior to their scheduled time unless all campers have gotten on or off the bus at the designated stop. Buses will not wait past their scheduled times, so PLEASE BE PROMPT!

Tardiness: In the event you will be late to your stop to meet your child for pick-up, please call the LINX Camps Office ASAP at 781-235-3210. (We strongly suggest that you save our number in your phone now!) If you are not prompt for pick up, typically the bus will proceed to the next stop on route. If you are close behind, you may be advised to meet your child at the next stop.

Length of Ride: Typically, bus rides are between 15 - 60 minutes depending on point of pick up. Check pick up and drop off times on your specific schedule for estimated times.

PLEASE NOTE: LINX Camps Bus Schedules are subject to change. There is no LINX Camps Bus service available the weeks of 6/15 and 8/24. Please call us at 781-235-3210 to confirm availability.

Our Service Partner: We are partnering with Eastern Bus Company, our trusted bus service provider.

Bus Captains: At LINX Camps, we hire and train counselors to serve as Bus Captains. Bus Captains greet families at each stop, take attendance and monitor camper behavior. They make your child's bus ride an extension of the camp day by incorporating games and spirit challenges along the way. At the end of the day, Bus Captains ensure that each child is safely delivered to his/her designated stop and that campers are picked up only by authorized individuals. Our Bus Captains use secure, proprietary LINX technology to recognize camper needs, track camper attendance and correctly identify individuals authorized for pick up.

Behavior: Please be sure your camper knows that he/she should be on his/her best behavior. Bus Captains are there to make LINX Camps Bus rides both fun and safe and therefore, the use of electronic devices on the bus or in camp is prohibited. Riding the camp bus is a privilege. Our Camp Director has the sole discretion to ban a camper from riding the LINX Camps Bus if he determines that the camper behaves or has behaved in a way that puts the bus, the bus staff or the other campers at risk.

LINX Camps Bus Service costs $85.00 per week. See our pricing page .

Bus service is not available on a daily basis.

Please note that additional fees may apply in the event that you are unable to pick up your child at the scheduled time at the scheduled stop. See our Tardiness policy above for details.


What if I need to pick up at camp instead of having my child(ren) take the bus home as scheduled?

If you need to pick up your child at camp, and you are not going to have them ride the bus as scheduled, please notify the camp office with at least 24 hours notice. Simply schedule an early pick up by following the information on our Early Pick Up page . You are permitted to pick up your child at the camp office any time between 9:00am and 3:00pm. Please remember to bring your pick-up card.

If you need help or have a question about the LINX Camps Bus or anything at all related to camp, please call the camp office at 781-235-3210. We can best serve you during the hours of 8AM - 6PM. Calls received after this time will be answered the following day.