LINX Quest Camps

Join LINX Camps on an academic enrichment journey that helps sharpen, shape and strengthen your Math and English skills for the academic year ahead. LINX Quest infuses the LINX Fun-based Learning Philosophy with the Massachusetts Frameworks and Common Core Standards while immersing campers in a world of exploration, fun and discovery. We tackle the subject matter needed for your child to be successful.

" LINX Quest Academic Adventure Camps are like nothing your child will experience anywhere else, when it comes to strengthening their math and english skills! "Marc Hoberman, Owner, Grade Success, Inc.


Our coaches are trained and certified by Grade Success Inc., a leader in academic tutoring and camp training for over 20 years. Each week consists of 15 hours of “in-field coaching and training” in Math or English, based on the programs you choose. Campers also enjoy lunch, swimming and other outdoor activities (see sample schedule).


Studies have proven that children learn best while playing and having fun, so what better way to ensure retention and recall, than playing games on the outdoor fields at LINX Camps? The outdoors serve as our “classroom” as campers learn the concepts needed for the year ahead. Through interactive, challenging and creative games - campers run, jump and play while learning.


Campers are assessed on Mondays and re-assessed on Fridays to show the progress they make throughout the week. Campers receive several field challenges each day, and parents are kept up-to-date on their child’s progress with our personalized parent portal (LINX Scrapbook). Additional fun-based study guides and “how-to” tools are provided to keep the learning fun and exciting throughout the school year.


Children typically lose 15-20% of what they learned from the year before. At the start of each academic year, teachers have to focus on re-teaching students previously taught subject matter. LINX Quest gives our campers the competitive edge and the tools needed to start off the school year strong and confident!


LINX Quest has a low pressure approach to learning. No more classroom testing and stress. The games we use to teach campers are dynamic and challenging and packed with math and reading lessons that are guaranteed to help them retain the material longer.


To create the best academic enrichment program possible, LINX Camps have teamed up with GradeSuccess, Inc. to form LINX Quest. GradeSuccess, Inc., an industry leader in tutoring services and camp training for over 20 years has designed the curriculum to our standards. Each program is packed with fun and lessons that help campers retain information best. Each Coach is trained by Grade Success’ Owner and Director, Marc Hoberman, and LINX Camps Executive Director, Josh Schiering, to make sure the program meets our educational and recreational goals.