Voice Camp


LINX Voice Camp combines professional vocal instruction with fun traditional camp activities! This is an intensive camp for all experience levels, where children will learn breathing, vowel placement, vocal dynamics, singing with a healthy voice, blending with other singers, vocal vocabulary, and singing in harmony. They will explore music theory by learning the basics of reading music and written musical notations.

Campers will have fun as they build confidence, strengthen performance technique, learn musical theory, and strengthen their voices through conditioning exercises. Newly learned skills are showcased as children perform in a fun show for other LINX campers. A recording will be made and sent to parents to enjoy.

Voice Camp takes place at LINX’s beautiful Dana Hall Campus in Wellesley.

If your child loves the performing arts, why not pair this camp with a 2-week session of LINX Theater Camp?

Typical Day

Each day, Voice Campers enjoy 3 periods of Professional Vocal Training, a period for lunch, free swim and Red Cross Certified swim lessons (4 times a week), and a traditional camp activity. Campers take part in exciting opening and closing ceremonies with other LINX Campers, and there is a camp wide special event every Friday!

LINX Camps Promotional Pricing *Promotional camp rates for Summer 2017 (1 week at $659, 2-3 weeks at $644/each, 4-7 weeks at $624/each, 8+ weeks at $599/each) - orig. $659/week **Busing for only $30 per week when you register for 8 or more weeks, $40 per week when registering for 4-7 weeks, $45 per week when registering for 2-3 weeks, $60 when registering for 1 week (orig. $80/week); Lunch for only $45 per week when you register for 8 or more weeks, $45 per week when registering for 4-7 weeks, $55 when registering for 2-3 weeks and $55 for registering for 1 week (orig. $65/week) LINX Camps Pricing


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DH - Dana Hall (LINX Camps is headquartered at Dana Hall between 6/26 and 8/18)
CC - Boston College Connors Center (Swim is substituted by water games at The Connors Center before 6/26 and after 8/18)
LI - LINX on Linden Street
RG - Regis College


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