LINX Gaming App Design 2 Camp


Is your child ready to take his/her gaming app design ability to the next level? This fun and challenging camp builds on the skills learned in Gaming App Design Camp, where children have mastered Scratch. Campers will learn from experts the coding languages of pros: Java, HTML, Unity3D and more.

Your child will focus on developing computing, reasoning, creative and development skills to build apps this summer as they participate in small groups, class projects and individual projects designed to help each camper learn how to work together towards a common goal. Our fun-based learning philosophy is used to give our campers the tools needed to succeed in this fast-paced digital gaming world.

LINX Camps Gaming App Design is a prerequisite for this camp. If you’re not sure of your child’s skill level, you can speak with our Camp Director about your child’s coding experience before you register.

Typical Day

Your technology-loving camper will enjoy 3 periods of game design, a fun outdoor activity, a lunch period, and swim lessons (from trained LINX Swim Instructors who implement our safe, fun-based, non-stress approach to teaching) including free swim four times a week. He/she will participate in small groups, class projects and individual projects using coding languages such as Java, HTML, Unity3D and more.

The camp day varies slightly according to age

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