Meet the LINX Camps Staff

The LINX Camps Staff is proudly committed to creating the most memorable camp experience, instilled with friendship, spirit and camaraderie, for each and every child! Our full time, year-round team of LINX Leaders is comprised of professionals who are carefully selected based on maturity, creativity, energy, and an ability to develop and facilitate programs designed to help children thrive! Our LINX Camps Summer Staff members are highly qualified and held to the same standards.

All LINX Camp Staff members are put through a series of personal interviews with our Executive Team, are CORI and SORI background checked, and take part in our LINX Camps Leadership Training. We proudly maintain the highest standards of professionalism and leadership, along with unparalleled attention to individual care and are fully committed to helping your child succeed at camp and throughout the year.

If you are interested in working at LINX Camps, please visit our employment page.

Joe Kahn

MBA Owner and Founder

Joe Kahn is the Founder and Owner of The LINX Enrichment Club for Kids. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School and has his undergraduate degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, N.Y. Joe believes that he has found a way to bring together his passion for teaching and desire to help children expand their interests. Through LINX, Joe has created an innovative enrichment environment in which children explore and experience new things and learn along the way. He has proven that children learn and retain experiences most notably in a fun based environment, which is the hallmark of LINX.

Josh Schiering

BS in Economics and Business Vice President/Executive Director of LINX and LX Summer Camps

Josh Schiering serves as the Vice President of LINX and the Executive Director of LINX and LX Summer Camps. Josh has 20 years of experience managing and directing programs designed to help children thrive. He is responsible for the day to day operations of a varied program that serves over 1000 children in our community and close to 700 families. Josh leads his team as a professional, while always seeing things through the eyes of a father, as he has four children who also enjoy the many services provided by LINX. Josh is also a former Health and Fitness Director and brings his proven track record of successful program design and development, staff recruiting and training and marketing concepts to LINX.

Josh prides himself on his ability to assemble a team that puts children first. His personal motto as it relates to staff recruiting is, "We find the best of the best and then train them to be even better!" His staff training and character development programs have received national recognition. Josh's bullying prevention programs have been featured in the American Camp Association's national publication and been used in college courses throughout the country. His unique Same Team approach to staff management fosters an environment in which staff put children first as they work together to help children excel, while pursuing their passions and becoming a part of the larger community.

Melissa Habersaat

BS in Business and Marketing Vice President of Operations

Melissa Habersaat is the Vice President of Operations for LINX and skillfully handles many of the day-to-day operations. Melissa has her BS from Babson College in Business and Marketing. She has spent the past 7 years developing programs and systems to help staff and children succeed. Along with her unmatched attention to detail, Melissa has led the G.I.R.L. Power and Entrepreneurs Club, two classes that teach children how to become more confident leaders.