What are LINX Camps Families saying about Summer 2015?

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You guys are terrific. We absolutely LOVE the feedback. I am sure this is really, really time consuming but it makes a huge difference to know that you know our children individually ;-) It is especially easy to notice how well you pay attention when it is twins who are -- in our opinion both great, but clearly very different. You clearly got a sense for and shared with us their individuality. thank you for that!

J. K. Weston, MA

As a parent with former camp director experience and current school administrator experience I cannot commend your camp and company enough! There is so much to praise I am not sure where to begin.

Jennifer B. Arlington, MA

I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful summer. My son attended LINX for the first time this summer and had a blast. He enjoyed all of the specialty camps he attended and came home every day with a smile on his face. Friends whose children have attended past and current LINX camps have told me that LINX was so different than other summer camps and I can't agree with them more.

Irena B. Natick, MA

Just want to tell you we are THRILLED with the advancement of her confidence and skill in swimming since she has been a camper with you this summer!! My husband and I are amazed... we knew she had it in her.... but YOU really made her shine!! THANK YOU!!

Kristine C. Needham, MA

You guys are making our camp experience absolutely spectacular, truly enjoying and looking forward to a wonderful time.

Ceren B. MO

 [My sons] are doing flag football at camp and have absolutely loved it. There were so many things about this year that impressed me and the kids. The spirit, creativity and--this is huge--humor of your morning gatherings and high-jinks throughout the day delighted the boys--they couldn't wait to tell me about what funny thing happened each day. I think it was so nice for them to have a break from the straight sports model to really unite as a camp. The flag coaches were clearly so kind, caring and motivational. The kids loved them. Neither of my boys have any formal football experience, and yet their confidence about the sport has become so high over the course of the past week. All of the staffers had big smiles and clearly, enormous patience and organization with pick up and drop off. Anyway, just wanted to thank you and the entire crew for a really fun week.

Kelley H. Wellesley, MA

[My daughter] loves LINX so much. In our ride to Wellesley this week she told me that "LINX is my family". We are so happy that she feels safe and so enthusiastic when with you and her group. Thank you so much for that.

Brookline Mom Brookline, MA

I wanted to take a few minutes out of my busy day [...to] relay my gratitude for running a fantastic - 5 star camp! After attending the Linx Camp picnic last night, I got to see first hand the tight family bond among the entire staff and campers! I am already looking forward to next years picnic! It was refreshing to see a camp operate in this fashion, and it also showed me there is a tremendous amount of fun occurring and that everyone feels welcome! Thank you very much for providing the best camp experience for my son this summer! This was his first summer and he was a little apprehensive because he was at another camp for the past three summers. I also relayed my concerns about something to LINX Camps via e-mail and I was immediately contacted on my cell phone by [a supervisor] and my issue was addressed. Thank you for the sense of urgency and contacting me so quickly! 

R. M. Natick, MA